Behind every exquisite thing that existed, there was something tragic.

Oscar Wilde

Growing up in the sleepy south, my dream was to become a woman who lived a glamorous life filled with travel, culture, luxury, elegance, style and success.

But somehow I became a grown woman smothered in clutter, excess, drama and insecurity. There was nothing elegant about me or my life.

Trying to desperately change with self-help just left me tired, bitter, discouraged, depressed and broke. Something was missing but I didn’t know what. There had to be a path to permanent change.

I discovered it in the one place I spent years avoiding – God’s presence. Because when personal development is built upon Truth, everything changes.

The Chic Creative’s mission is to educate and empower you using faith-based personal development tools to permanently transform and provide what self-help alone does not.

The Chic Creative

I’m delighted you are here! Welcome!

Sandra Hubbard

The Chic Creative Courses

Each Course fuses faith-based truths with personal development principles to educate and empower you to live the fulfilling, meaningful, peace-filled, abundant life you were created to live.

She traded her worry for worship and her problems for praise!

the chic creative

The Chic Creative – where personal development meets scriptural principles to create lasting changes not short-term solutions.

You have two choices
Evolve or Repeat

The Chic Creative

CHIC pronounced /SHeek/: elegant stylish smart sophisticated tasteful current

CREATIVE pronounced /krēˈādiv/ original innovative productive with a good imagination