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Where you discover how to

  • truly enjoy pursuing your goals
  • create abundance in any economy
  • use your past positively
  • find joy in the everyday
  • stop sabotaging or fixing yourself
  • never again hustle, grind or slay
  • reframe difficulties to serve you
  • elevate your self worth
  • style an elegant First Class life
  • turn your setbacks into comebacks
  • develop spiritually and personally
  • rediscover energy and peace
  • begin writing your story your way
  • live with passion, purpose and play

She stopped chasing people and started chasing her dreams instead

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Did you know you become what you believe? Those beliefs will have you in repair mode struggling to prove and fix yourself or in designer mode curating an extraordinary you.

I realized this truth after years of trying to prove my worth and enoughness.

The faith-based, simple secrets I discovered to styling an amazing life are now the foundational teachings of the School of Chic.

Imagine what you could do if only you knew how.

You could achieve your goals, lose the weight, create wealth, start the business, start over, create an epic comeback, blow your mind, know you’re enough . . . the possibilities are endless.

The School of Chic fuses faith with focus, style with spiritual growth and truth with transformation.

We don’t hustle, grind or slay. We embrace the holy, appreciate the simple, embody elegance and own our style.

We break ties with scarcity understanding the best part of our stories have yet to be written.

Are you ready to style your life your way and on your terms?

We repeat what we don’t repair.


The Chic Boutique

With stylish pieces and simple luxuries, The Chic Boutique is where you’ll find all you need to accessorize your well-lived life!

It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.

Henry David Thoreau

The Chic Creative

CHIC pronounced /SHEEK/: elegant stylish smart sophisticated tasteful current

CREATIVE pronounced /krēˈādiv/ original innovative productive with a good imagination