Behind every exquisite thing that existed, there was something tragic.

Oscar Wilde

Growing up in the sleepy south, my dream was to become a woman who lived a glamorous life filled with travel, culture, luxury, elegance, style and success.

But somehow I became a grown woman smothered in clutter, excess, drama and insecurity. There was nothing elegant about me or my life.

Trying to desperately change with self-help just left me tired, bitter, discouraged, depressed and broke. Something was missing but I didn’t know what. There had to be a path to permanent change.

I discovered it in the one place I spent years avoiding – God’s presence. Because when personal development is built upon Truth, everything changes.

The Chic Creative’s mission is to educate and empower you using faith-based personal development tools to permanently transform and provide what self-help alone does not.

The Chic Creative

I’m delighted you are here! Welcome!

Sandra Hubbard

The Chic Creative Courses

Each Course fuses faith-based truths with personal development principles to educate and empower you to live the fulfilling, meaningful, peace-filled, abundant life you were created to live.

She traded her worry for worship and her problems for praise!

the chic creative

The Chic Creative – equips you with the fundamentals of personal development and timeless, scriptural principles to empower and encourage you to grow spiritually and emotionally.

You have two choices
Evolve or Repeat

The Chic Creative

CHIC pronounced /SHeek/: elegant stylish smart sophisticated tasteful current

CREATIVE pronounced /krēˈādiv/ original innovative productive with a good imagination