What is The Chic Creative?

In response to a friend asking “What is the Chic Creative?”

Feeling suffocated by the useless excess, emotional garbage, limiting beliefs, self imposed insecurities and a lack of defined desires one day I simply broke. It was time to fully accept responsibility for where I was and commit to making necessary adjustments to changing it.

Change begins by asking the right questions and that day my questions were “WHO do I want to be, WHAT do I want, WHY do I want it and HOW can I obtain it?”  My initial answer was “I don’t know” but determined to excavate the truth, I kept digging until the answers finally emerged. Knowing these answers changed EVERYTHING.

Being a list-lover, I wrote down those answers then a list of tasks necessary to get what I longed for which was and is to infuse my everyday with inspiration, adventure/travel, elegance, simplicity and joy because that is what my heart craves. (I silently referred to this list as “Operation Comeback”).

When others noticed my “Comeback” their question was “How?”

And from sharing my struggle, my story and my faith with them, a deep desire to pursue a life intent on inspiring you to satisfy your heart’s cravings was born.

From this blog to sharing with ladies groups as well as coaching women individually, my ultimate goal is to provide you the motivation, encouragement and support needed to experience life on your terms.

 And that is how The Chic Creative came to be.

Thank you for being here! As always your comments are welcome below and you are welcome to share this post.

Sandra Hubbard


One response to “What is The Chic Creative?”

  1. Wow! Just the bridge was inspiring to me! I long for simplicity in life. We have far too much going on in this world and I just want to walk down that bridge everyday in peace and quiet. Thank you again Sandra for your caring and sharing with us as you inspire us to reach for our goals! Love, Mary

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