A Certain Woman

He is here. She invited him to dine with her and her family. He said yes. The opportunity that others could only dream of has now become her reality. Dinner with the Teacher.

Martha should have been overjoyed but instead she was overwhelmed. In her anxiety and self-imposed obligations, duties, needs and distractions she missed the purpose of His presence – time to sit, listen and learn.

It is easy to criticize Martha. She invited Him. She offered her home and volunteered her services. Why didn’t she plan beforehand having everything prepared and in order so she too could relish in His presence?

Yes, over coffee the next day I could scold then pity Martha for missing out on the greatest moment of her life, though no doubt her intentions were beautifully noble.

Until I look at her startled to see my own face looking back at me.

I tell the Lord often I need more of Him, more of His time, His wisdom and His words. I sense His excitement at my request as He too longs for my undivided attention and affections, eager to share all He has with me.

Yet often when the time comes for me to actually take that time with Him, I find myself distracted by a sink full of dishes, a mountain of laundry, emails to respond to, work to do, social media enticing me, commitments and obligations to fulfill, and people to please.

And like Martha I become frustrated and angry questioning why others are allowed to enjoy His company and I am not.   The answer is simple.

Because, like Mary, they made a conscious decision. Mary too had “many things,” (Luke 10:41) in life similar to Martha perhaps.  We all do. But she knew she could either allow them to overwhelm her or she could spend time wth the only One who could meet those needs and calm her fears. She chose to sit still. Life would simply have to wait.

But like Martha so often I miss my moment.  Fortunately, His invitation is always standing and His door is always open.

So, leaving the worry and anxiety behind, I must choose to find a place along side my spiritual sisters at His feet and allow my soul to breath deep then release the overwhelm and anxieties of life and inhale peace, power and calm.

Time with Him changes us as I am certain it did Mary.  It infuses us with much needed hope, a renewed sense of priorities and purpose and a chance to slow down and remember who we are and whose we are.

Yes, life can wait because He is waiting for you and me. Will we choose to set aside the mess to hear His message? To disengage from life and engage with Him?

“Softly and tenderly Jesus is calling.  Calling for you and for me.”

Sandra Hubbard


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4 responses to “A Certain Woman”

  1. Very well interpreted. When God created man, his sole purpose was to have someone to fellowship with him because he wanted to do so of our own free will. We can relate to that. Who wants someone to be around because they are made to do so. In Rev. He said “behold I stand at the door and knock. If any will open the door I will come in and sup ( or fellowship) with him and he with me”. What an invitation!!!!!. Thanks for reminding us.

  2. Wow Sandra! Your words could not have expressed that any better! I have been so caught up in my yard work lately and have worn myself out. Thank you for this reminder! Take care. Sincerely, Mary

  3. Post. Not list😆

  4. Beautiful list, dear! Thank you for the reminder.

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