Just Say Yes!

Yes! Yes I will volunteer.  Yes I will attend.  Yes I will ask. Yes I will go. Inside I am screaming “Absolutely No” but instead I say “Yes!”

Why say “Yes” when I feel “No?” A book of course.  One that challenged, inspired and catapulted me from my cozy familiarity into the wild unknown.

That book is “Year of Yes” by Shonda Rhimes. Here is the book on Amazon.

Opportunities to live an adventurous life came often yet the author never accepted.  She was too shy, too scared, too busy, too tired. Her sister told her “Shonda, you never say yes to anything.”  Knowing her sister was right and her exciting looking life was actually incredibly lonely she decided to spend one year saying “Yes!”

Inspired, I committed to spend 2017 saying “Yes!” to my life.  Already I have experienced exhilarating, palm sweating, heart pounding, fear inducing moments of sheer joy mixed with gigantic waves of panic!

I quickly realized it is in the unpredictable, risky world of “Yes” that inspiration, confidence and growth live.  Where memories are made, fears faced, comfort zones crushed and priorities and purpose discovered.

No I don’t know what the future holds but Yes I intend to find out.

So far, saying “Yes” introduced me to wonderful ladies I had never before met at a lovely luncheon thus overcoming my shyness.

Saying “Yes” empowered me to slay the giant that is fear of rejection by boldly sharing the restorative benefits of LIMU like my limitless energy, crystal clear focus and trimmed waistline with others longing for the same.

“Yes” encouraged me to be open and authentic in an incredible group of inspiring women as together we walk with Beth Moore through 2 Timothy.

“Yes” has me tossing my rigid agenda for unplanned trips with my sister reminding me that often the grandest adventures and favorite memories are created in the spontaneous.

Yes, I have wandered far from my comfortable world into a place where I have forged lasting friendships, developed new skills, traveled to new places, conquered lifelong fears, discovered confidence, found my voice and cultivated a lasting love of myself, my life and others.  Scary? Yes!  Worth it?  Yes!

“Yes” will open up your world.  “No” will leave you in the world you are in.  Will you say “Yes?”

Sandra Hubbard

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  1. Sherrye LaCour Avatar
    Sherrye LaCour

    Thanks for yet another great message!

  2. Thank you Peppi! You are absolutely right and so well said – “not always comfortable but always worth it!”

  3. I forgot to leave my e-mail above with comment.

  4. You’ve knocked it out of the park! Another very inspiring message! Thanks again for your sharing with us.

  5. I’m never ready for your blog to end!
    I’ve put this into practice as well and it’s been amazing to see where I have ended up! Not always comfortable, but always worth it 😉
    Thankful for you ❤️

  6. Another amazing message!

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