Lessons from a Nine Year Old

Swimming is her passion, her love and in the summer her life. Participating in a local swimteam, she has learned the importance of teamwork, excellence and commitment.

Recently, in a two lap relay, as she dove in her goggles slipped around her neck. Yet instead of stopping to adjust them, knowing time was clearly of the essence she simply pushed on.

Her eyes burning, stinging and red from chlorine and losing her sense of direction on the final lap forcing her off the lane delaying her time completion she refused to quit and pressed on. And while she didn’t win the race, she emerged from that pool in my mind a true champion.

Funny what you can learn from a nine year old.

You see, when you clearly know WHO you want to be and are committed to becoming her whether you are nine or ninety you will find a way to push on.

When others’ words and actions sting leaving your eyes red from crying, determined you refuse to stop, listen, run or hide.

When you can’t see a way to win or even if you are on the right path, you keep going.

Because when your commitment is strong, your “WHY” clear and you have absolute clarity on what you want you will find the determination to press on even when life’s unexpected roadblocks happen.

Somedays will be better than others. But as John Maxwell says “Sometimes you win. Sometimes you learn. You never lose.” You keep going. You keep moving forward. And you keep becoming “that” woman you know you want to BE!

Sandra Hubbard
Elegance Seeker/Inspirational Instructor



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