5 Timeless Style Lessons From the Parisian Woman

I have a confession to make.

I have held a lifelong fascination with all things French always seeking to possess that “je ne sais quo” (an indefinable, elusive, pleasing quality).

Over the years I have studied their lifestyle and learned five lessons worth sharing.

1. The French woman values quality over quantity.

Like her choice of foods and the relationships she pursues, her closet too is filled with quality over quantity. This quality over quantity mindset allows her to create a timeless wardrobe that can be easily updated with accessories while always remaining true to her authentic style.

She understands fabulous style is not dependent upon price or labels and couture doesn’t always mean quality she thoroughly inspects each item before purchasing whether it be Chanel or H&M.

2. She builds her wardrobe around a neutral color palette.

Choosing basic pieces in neutral colors such as black, tan, white, cream, gray or navy, when paired with colorful, interesting accessories, she can create multiple looks.

From a statement necklace to her grandmothers’s delicate pearls, a pair of oxblood red pumps or over-the-knee boots she well knows accessories complete the outfit.

3. She avoids fads and trends only and unless they blend with her style.

If the current trend leaves her feeling frumpy, she simply refuses to participate knowing her fashion dollars are best invested elsewhere.

4. She cares little what others think and unapologetically wears what she feels fabulous in needing validation from no one.

Having no interest in the opinion of others she knows if she feels amazing in an outfit it will show so she only wears what she loves.

5. She is willing to let go of an item when it no longer reflects who she is regardless of its cost or size.

Because many Parisian closets are small with limited storage space, clothing that no longer fits, is seldom worn or is in poor condition regardless of its cost or size must go.

Refusing to hold on to any piece simply because of its price tag or size she only keeps pieces she adores knowing she is gorgeous at any size.

If you want to live a chic Parisian inspired life your closet is an excellent place to begin.

Hopefully these simple suggestions will inspire you to cultivate a timeless wardrobe, create an elegant, organized dressing space and eliminate the frustration that accompanies an overflowing closet containing nothing to wear.

Not sure of your style?

Pinterest is an excellent inspirational source because by pinning outfits you love you will see a pattern emerge that will assist you in defining your style.

After doing that, I discovered I loved blazers or loose tees paired with jeans and fabulous pumps or knockout boots finished with a statement necklace then began incorporating these pieces into my wardrobe.

And, when your closet reflects your tastes whether it is tailored, bohemian, sporty, rocker chic or casual, getting dressed each morning becomes an experiment in style instead of stress.

Sandra Hubbard


(photo courtesy of Pinterest)

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