2018 and A Fresh Start

Welcome to 2018!

Did you know in scripture the number 8 represents a new beginning?  Yes, 8 reflects a fresh start, a new chapter, a clean slate and a blank page!

Often, women tell me they often look back at the end of the year only to realize it looks identical to the previous year.

Their lvague goals go unfulfilled,  loneliness and boredom finds them wasting precious hours on social media or mindlessly snacking and emptiness is a constant companion.  Those resolutions are abandoned by mid January leaving them feeling guilty February to December.

Believe me, I get it!  That was my life for years! And the guilt and shame from all those failures took its toll and was reflected in my self worth.

Enough was enough!

Several years ago I decided a new approach was in order.  Life is much too short to live like that!

So instead of writing down vague resolutions I invested in a beautiful, simple notebook and wrote down adventures I longed to experience, books I wanted to read, restaurants around me I had yet to try, museum exhibits I wanted to see and places I wanted to visit. I wrote down how I wanted my home to look, how I wanted to feel about myself, traits I wanted to possess and people I wanted to meet.

It was a list that literally excited me, challenged me, pushed me so far from my comfort zone, educated me, encouraged me and empowered me!  By the end of that year I knew I would never again set resolutions and I never have.

If you find yourself quitting on your resolutions before February rolls around I encourage you to toss them and try a different approach.

Invest in a journal or simple notepad, put on your favorite music, turn off your tv or phone, light a candle sit still then ASK YOURSELF “What do I want (not need or should) to do this year?”  Where do I want to go?  What would I like to learn?  What would challenge me and thrill me at the same time?  Who would I like to meet?  What trait(s)would I love to possess?  What experience(s) would bring me joy, make me laugh, invite simplicity into my life, empower me with confidence, connect me with others, utilize my talents and skill, spark creativity and ignite my soul?

This year my list includes taking a cooking class, reading the complete works of Socrates, hosting a dinner party, learning basic French, completing a 5K (considering I don’t run that ought to be interesting), touring Eudora Welty’s home and gardens, reading two books a month for an entire year, completing a free online jazz appreciation course to meeting Steve Perry from Journey – yes I am an 80s girl and that is my favorite band!

Yes it is a lofty list and even downright far fetched but it certainly excites me instead of filling me with dread like my previous resolutions did (lose weight, clean house etc).

So what if you don’t accomplish everything on your list?  It doesn’t matter. Think of the joy and growth you will experience pursuing what you truly want.  Think of the woman you will become in the process! Think of the stories of adventure you will have to share!  The people you will meet!

If setting resolutions works for you then by all means continue.  But if not, let me encourage you to try a new approach.

Take some time to decide what you want – what your soul needs right now to feel alive.  Write it down. Look at it often and look at it daily.

I promise your 2018 will look nothing like years past and you will discover and appreciate who you are and what you are capable of dreaming and doing like never before!

Happy 2018! A Fresh Start!

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