Do you know Why?

Do you know Why?

“Why” is a hard question!!  It requires looking within, facing the unavoidable truth and forcing accountability.

A time came however when I had no choice but to finally answer the difficult question of “Why?”

“Why?”  pushes us to think, reflect, accept and own up . . . if we are being honest that is.

Why do we think the thoughts we think, speak the words we speak, make the choices we make and behave as we do? Why does life sometimes feel like a struggle, out of balance, unfulfilled and often lonely?

After spending the majority of my life blaming others, making excuses, playing the victim and living in fear, my life reflected my avoidance of answering the critical question of “Why?”

And because it is a known fact that you get what you focus on it is no surprise I merely survived but never thrived.

Can you relate?

By not asking “Why?” we often end up spending time with people who don’t value us, making unhealthy emotional choices, neglecting our physical health, focusing on everyone else’s wants but our own, spending too much energy worrying about what others think and waiting on someone else to give us what we need when we could give it to ourselves.

And yet we live this way because we know the alternative could cause some serious discomfort.

So, we hide inside our comfort zones while secretly envying women who are breaking out, stepping up and doing the impossible!

You know those women.

They are the ones losing the weight they always wanted to lose, enjoying the relationships they always desired, cultivating the friendships they longed for, setting and achieving exciting goals, growing personally and spiritually and basically living lives they adore.

Yes, they are the ones planning the a fun evening out with friends, learning a new skill, asking for the raise, signing up for the 5k or online course, meeting new people, saving for a long travel weekend, hiring the mentor, joining the small group, trying the new hobby or filling their calendars with experience and excitement. They are the ones who know their comfort zone and are determined and unafraid to step out and do something different.


Because they forced themselves to answer the difficult question of “Why?”

Like why wasn’t the weight coming off even though they’ve been on every diet known to man?

Or why did every relationship end with tears, a broken heart, shame and shredded self worth with lasting love always beyond reach?

Why did friendships never seem to last? Why did they value what others thought over their own desires? Why did they let fear, anger, resentment, unforgiveness or poor past decisions keep them stuck never growing personally or spiritually?

And finally, why did life feel like a constant battlefield without joy, peace, achievement or contentment when God designed it as a playground for His children to experience fun and fulfillment?  My own answers to these and other “Why” questions were often ugly and downright shameful but they forced me to take a hard look at myself!  Perhaps theirs answers were too.

Believe me asking “Why?” wasn’t easy … but it was necessary if I was ever going to experience any lasting change!

When you look at areas of your life that have been less than fulfilling and begin to ask “Why?”, being completely honest and taking full accountability and responsibility, the doors of lasting change and incredible new opportunities will open for you.

John 8:32 says “You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.” Seeking and acknowledging the truth is the path to experiencing real freedom.

Though it may be difficult, asking “Why” is the first step down the path that leads to self-growth, fulfillment, miracles and endless joy!

Where in your life does the question “Why?” beg to be answered?

Sandra Hubbard
Elevate – Chic Inspired Living


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  1. This was so painful for me. I can’t answer why I’m lonely, sad, an basically miserable.

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