Open the Book

From childhood my mom always encouraged her children to read.

Why?  Because she was and is still of the opinion that books are the gateway to the world.

They introduce us to cultures, exotic locales and interesting characters whose paths we might otherwise never cross.

Books have allowed me to stroll the streets of Paris in Spring with Hemingway, A Moveable Feast, take risks I normally wouldn’t, A Year of Yes, embrace elegance and simplicity daily, The Simply Luxurious Life and Soulful Simplicity, pray effective prayers, Fervent, move through life like a French woman, Bonjour, Happiness, dine my way through France, French Lessons – Adventures with Knife, Fork and Corkscrews, and become intimate friends with Coco, Chanel and discover who it truly is I want to be, The Woman I Wanted to Be.

I am always curious as to what others are reading and love sharing books that have deeply influenced me in some way.

What books have left you deep in thought, inspired, challenged, or encouraged you?  Novels or non-fiction, if you could recommend at least one book, which would it be?

Your comments are welcome and always much appreciated!

Sandra Hubbard



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