When Someone Doesn’t Like You

She doesn’t like me. She’s never said it but based upon her actions she doesn’t have to as it is quite clear. Ever experienced that?

Admittedly, it used to bother me. She hardly knows me. While we share mutual friends, we have never had an in-depth conversation.

Often I wondered if I had unintentionally offended her or perhaps a mutual acquaintance had spoken ill of me to her and her opinion of me was based on their opinion.

I could only speculate.

So to the Lord I went. I needed to know what do we do when someone doesn’t like us. He had first-hand experience so I knew He would have my answer.

He led me to Luke 8:26.

Here we find Christ in the Gadarenes region encountering a madman living among the tombs possessed by the enemy. Then, the Miracle Maker walks up, looks upon him with mercy and with one word sets him free from the torment that had forced him into isolation.

The townspeople come and find this once violently possessed man in his right mind.

Reason to celebrate right? No.

Instead of rejoicing they rejected Christ asking to leave their region.

And here we find the answer to how to handle rejection.

“So He got in the boat and left.” 8: 37.

Oh, He could have stayed and attempted to convince them of His power and healing abilities. He could have spent precious time trying to win their approval.

He did none of that.

He simply left perhaps knowing His services would be better appreciated elsewhere and indeed they were.

Returning to the other side of the region, we witness him healing a dying woman and rescuing a precious girl from death.

Everyone is not going to like us. It is a fact.

We can either continue to try to win their approval and affections or simply acknowledge that we will not be everyone’s cup of tea knowing that is okay.

Time is our most precious commodity. A minute passed never returns. Do we really want to spend it on those who don’t like or value us, regardless of the reason?

Isn’t it time to get in the boat and leave the haters behind in peace knowing our presence is better appreciated among those who love us as we are?

So, the next time you encounter someone who doesn’t like you, simply wish them the best and blessings, then graciously “get in the boat and leave” investing your time, love, talents and energies where they will be valued and appreciated.

While there will always be those who don’t like you, just remember someone today is so thankful for having you in their life.

Sandra Hubbard


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