Who’s invited?

Gathering together at the table to break bread with friends is a joy many of us love.

However there is another table where we often allow just anyone to sit, often to our own detriment.

It is our TABLE OF EXCELLENCE, that intimate space where those who influence us most occupy.

Personally and recently I  had to take a hard look at who I had allowed into my precious space.


Because unknowingly we are profoundly affected by those we spend the most time with.

Spend time with a complainer, whiner, nay-sayer, dream killer, gossiper or pot stirrer and without realizing it we begin to mirror their behavior.

So, to allow just anyone a seat can ultimately deplete us of joy and stunt any attempts at personal or spiritual growth.

It is crucial to our overall well-being that we be selective as to who we allow into our sacred space.

Our friends, family and co-workers will experience bad days, discouraging times and disappointments and being supportive to them during those times is a great honor.

However, if someone is constantly negative, always the victim, takes and never gives, sits in constant judgement or is always jealous of or criticizing others, it is time to vacate their seat at our Table.

Wouldn’t you rather fill your intimate space with genuine, positive, uplifting, inspiring, supportive and loving people who view the world as a playground and not a battlefield rather than negative, draining energy vampires who create chaos, thrive on drama and suck the joy out of the room?

This is your Table of Excellence. Who do you want occupying that valuable seat?

Sandra Hubbard



4 Comments on “Your Table of Excellence

  1. Bad company corrupts good character…who say’s a battle ground isn’t fun sometimes?

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  2. I can’t speak for r anyone else, but your blog a always blesses me and gives me something to think about. Thank you.

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