Worth Every Penny

Personal Investments that Changed My Life (some are even free)

The shoes were cute but definitely not comfortable.  The dress was gorgeous until it went out of style. The jeans were great until they fit just a little too well in the waist.  So to the back of the closet they went.  Investments which died on the hanger.  Every woman can probably relate to making poor investments that leave us regretting our purchase.   

However there are some investments that pay great dividends over a lifetime.  

Below are some of my top investments that changed who I am as a woman.  

Books.  A well-curated book collection educates and encourages me and have always been  worth parting with my dollars.  Benjamin Franklin said “If a man empties his purse into his head, no man can take it from him.”   How true that is!    If you lack space for books, simply obtain a free library card and enjoy the wealth of inspiration available in your own back yard. 

Quality gym shoes.  Exercise/walking provides energy, clears the mind, contributes to self-confidence and so much more.   Walking connects me with my Creator and offers me time to reflect in the grand sanctuary that is nature. It is during my walks I get my best ideas for blogs, upcoming micro-workshops, books, seminars etc.  

Programs that encourage personal and/or spiritual growth.  Whether online or in-person, investing in courses that grow me as a woman always yields high returns. From attending seminars I have connected with incredible women and made lifelong friends. It was a program I invested in three years ago that inspired me to create a blog, declutter, lose weight, step out of my comfort zone, face my fears and reach goals I had once considered impossible. 

Online University Courses.   Via Open Culture I have been exposed to unique cultures, fascinating personalities and interesting facts at no cost.  This website is a treasure trove of free online courses provided by some of the finest universities across the nation.  Whether your love is anatomy or architecture, physics or philosophy, learning is literally only a click away.  

Oh how these investments changed me for which I am forever grateful!

Remember, you will ALWAYS be your best investment!

I am curious.  What investments have you made that have paid long term dividends and impacted you in a positive way?  

Please comment below!

Sandra Hubbard


One thought on “Worth Every Penny

  1. Sometimes I like to make the investment of cooking for someone when they are sick or maybe trying to cook for certain people who are always serving others..

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