One Step at a Time!

How to achieve your goals and dreams!

She wants to know “How?” 

In almost every conversation I have with ladies this question arises.

How do I lose this unwanted weight?  How do I declutter, organize and regain control of my surroundings?  How do I reach my goals?

My personal experiences provide the lessons I share with others.

Several years ago I was struggling with anxiety, fear and insecurity.  Extra weight, little energy, zero self-worth, cluttered surroundings, dead dreams, multiple failures, guilt and shame left me feeling broken, unlovable and beyond repair.  

After hitting emotional and spiritual rock-bottom, I found myself at a Christian women’s retreat giving my heart and soul back to the One who created it.  My life has forever been changed.

Returning home, I vowed with His help to create a future different from my past.

And while I still experience successes and failures, the one lesson He reminds me of daily is this:

Just focus on the NEXT step.

Instead of experiencing overwhelm trying to figure it all out before even beginning, simply focus on the next step.  

Instead of dieting or swearing off certain foods, simply focus on your next meal.  What foods can you select for that one meal that are life-giving and will leave you elegantly satisfied?  

Instead of trying to declutter and organize your home in a day, focus on organizing one area like a closet, cabinet or drawer before moving to the next area. 

Instead of trying to learn every skill you ever desired at once, master one then move to the next. 

Instead of attempting to reach every goal simultaneously, choose and achieve one.  

Instead of trying to create several new habits at once, create one before moving to the next.  

After you complete each step – CELEBRATE your success!  We are quick to commend and celebrate others’ achievements while dismissing our own.  Girl, it is time to celebrate You! 

Psalms 37:23 reminds us that “The Lord directs the steps of the godly.  He delights in EVERY detail of their lives.”  

When you are in doubt of which step to take next or even how to take that step, He promises to guide you along your journey.  Simply ask.  

Remember, it is never about the destination but the woman you BECOME along the way.  

Just focus on the next step.

Sandra Hubbard



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