All Hail the Queen!

8 steps to becoming Queen of your life!

She didn’t fit in.  She carried no authority.  She wasn’t perfect.  She may have been average.  But she was still the Queen.  

Before she took her royal position, God already had a throne prepared for her.  

Your throne is ready for occupying too.  Will you take your seat?

In studying the book of Esther, we see 8 traits that are necessary to acquire success, achievement and authority over our lives while influencing and inspiring others along the way.

1. She understands that preparation comes before promotion.  (2:12)  Esther spent a year in preparation for presentation to the king.  Why?  Because before God promotes us to places of influence He prepares us, often through trials, tears, past failures, and poor decisions. 

Before our message comes the mess and before our testimonies of His grace come the tests.  We grow personally and spiritually from the culmination of life’s experiences, missteps and all.  

2. She knows she has the favor of God on her life. (2:15).  Esther had God’s favor on her. So do we.  From this divine favor we experience unexpected blessings, unexplained miracles answered prayers. His favor trumps our circumstances every single time.  

3.  She is willing to take advice.  (2:15).  Yes, it is hard to swallow our pride and admit when we need outside counsel (especially when it is to correct problems we created).  However, it was outside counsel that catapulted Esther to prominence and it is the willingness to be mentored, taught or corrected that will promote us from mediocrity to greatness.  

4. She is confident enough to stand aside and allow others to receive praise.  (2:22).  Not requiring constant validation in order to feel valuable, being willing to share the spotlight and give credit where it is due are outstanding indicators of true self-confidence.  Esther knew God had called her and she didn’t need to step on others on the way to her throne.  Neither do we. 

5. She refuses to play the victim or wait for others to save her.  Instead, she assesses her reality, determines the changes she desires, devises a doable plan then takes inspired action daily.  (4:16).  Esther didn’t play the damsel in distress with dreams of a knight in shining armor riding in to save her and her people. She looked at the situation, created a strategy and took daily action to get her desired results.    

6.  She is willing to take necessary risks in order to achieve her goal.  (4:16)   Esther knew there was a chance she would fail but instead of being paralyzed by “what if” she assumed the risks involved and pressed on.  Why?  Because often times the “reward truly is worth the risk.” 

7. She knows exactly what she wants and asks for it (7:3).  Esther knew exactly what she wanted and asked for it.  Recently my pastor said what my mom has always taught me    “If you want specific miracles be specific in your prayers.”  This is a life-changing spiritual principle! 

In prayer,  let’s be specific as to what exactly it is we desire.  Looking for a new job?  Specify the type, salary, location and hours you want.  Longing for a relationship?  Specify what he looks like, sounds like, his beliefs, character, traits then ask. We have not because we ask not.   (James 4:2).  Yes, God is in the details.  

8.  She follows through (Ch. 7)  Esther saw her plan to save her people through to completion. It is easy to start projects and only to quit in the middle.  

A weight loss goal never reached, home projects stopped midway through, goals close to fulfillment but never accomplished can leave us feeling discouraged or disappointed.  Finished projects give us a sense of completion and confidence.  Make those plans then follow through to reap the incredible rewards waiting!  

Peter said “a man is a slave to whatever has mastered him”.  (2 Pet 2:19) .

We can choose to either become a slave to undesirable circumstances or we can choose to take our rightful  position on the throne as Queen knowing through Christ we hold a position of authority to change them because we are promised that we “can do all things through Christ who strengthens” us. (Phi 4:13).

Sandra Hubbard

Inspirational Speaker/Success Trainer


One Comment on “All Hail the Queen!

  1. I totally agree with every word. Only God knows the end from the. Beginning. Ours is a complete walk of faith and trust.

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