Finding Freedom in the Fire!

Ever experience circumstances that leave you wounded?  Events that blindsided you?  Situations that hold you hostage to your emotions?  Physical and health issues that leave you feeling bound and your future in question?  Financial mountains that seem impossible to overcome?  Trials that test your faith and have you questioning your walk with God? 

Fires that threaten your joy and sanity?  

You are not alone in your fire.  

In Daniel we find three normal people – Meshach, Shadrach and Abednego – simply trying to live right and serve the Lord now facing a fire that could end their lives.  Yet it is here we find hope and pure faith among the flames.   (Daniel Ch. 3)

“Bound” and “firmly tied” they “fell into the blazing furnace.”  

Oh,  but immediately upon going into that fire, the chains that bound them fell away and freedom was found in the fire intended to destroy them.  They were “unbound and unharmed.”  (3:25).

In fact, the fire “had not harmed their bodies, nor was a hair of their heads singed, their clothing not scorched and there was no smell of fire on them.” (3:27) 

And they were not alone.  A fourth man who was “like the Son of God.” (3:25)  was walking with them in their fire.

He is walking with you in yours!  

Today perhaps the fire you are facing feels life-threatening and with a scorching blow to your faith you are experiencing unparalleled fear and anxiety as the flames become hotter by the minute.   

But, it is in the fire that we experience the sweet presence of Christ and witness firsthand His amazing grace, mercy and protection. 

After the three men walked out of the fire they were commended by an unbelieving Nebuchadnezzar for holding true to their faith at all costs.  Then they were promoted.  (3:28 – 30)

Yes, the life-fires the enemy meant to shut us up now finds us being promoted to places of opportunity to share our testimony of deliverance from the flames telling others how God showed up on our behalf and showed out for everyone watching!  

If you are going through a fire today, please know you are not alone.

Because when the smoke clears with only faint embers remaining, you will know firsthand there is a “fourth man” called Jesus who is with you and glorious freedom can be found in him even in the fire.

Sandra Hubbard 



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