Session II – Stewardship and Our Health

In Session I of our Stewardship & the Successful Woman series, we learned what Stewardship is and its transforming power when applied in our lives.

In this session we will look at the rewards of stewarding our health. 

In 1 Cor 6:19 we are reminded that our “bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you . . .”

Temples are sacred, holy and designed to be a place of worship.  

In fact, Paul tells us that offering our bodies as sacrifices unto the Lord is a form of worship  (Rom 12:1).

However, we often treat our bodies like trash dumpsters rather than temples when we overeat, criticize every perceived flaw, wrinkle or roll, compare our figures to others, berate our God-given beauty and neglect to speak kindly to ourselves.  

We cannot treat our bodies harshly then demand it provide ample energy when we need it, fight disease and function at optimal levels under stress.

Often I am asked if dieting is a form of stewardship and the answer is “No.”

Stewarding our health involves an ongoing act of loving, nurturing and caring for our bodies with kind words, nutritious fo sufficient rest and regular exercise.  

Dieting is a periodic withholding of certain foods resulting in starvation of the body.  Does that sound loving and caring?  

Yes, it is absolutely okay to enjoy the foods we love – in moderation. 

Any woman will tell you that swearing off certain foods only makes you want them more and is a set-up for failure.  

So, enjoy that small scoop of ice cream periodically and slowly savor it sans the guilt.  It’s okay. The remainder of the time show love to your beautiful body with life-giving foods enjoyed like the indulgences – slowly savored until you are elegantly satisfied. 

Did you know our bodies will always reveal the story of current events in our lives?

Exhaustion is often a sign that we are saying “yes” when we want to say “no”  and constantly give in to others needs instead of getting much needed rest.  Jesus told His disciples to “Come away by yourselves to a desolate (quiet) place and rest awhile.” (Mk 6:31) 

It is time to silence the distractions of social media, television, radio, bad news and toxic people and rest awhile.

Anxiety reveals itself in fine lines, brain fog, depression and lethargy.  Our bodies respond negatively when we constantly worry about things beyond our control.  

If you want to erase ten years from your face, simply stop worrying!

This is why Paul exhorts us to “not be anxious for ANYthing but in EVERYthing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.  And the Peace of God, which surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.” (Phi 4: 6-7).  

We can rewrite our stories when we begin to practice stewarding our health. 

It may involve: 

* distancing ourselves from emotionally, life-draining people and drama filled relationships 

* considering a job change or less stressful career

* seeking outside counsel and encouragement through a pastor, therapist or trusted friend

* scheduling walks around the park or neighborhood

* de-toxing the fridge and pantry then restocking both with healthy snacks and staples

* trading the dinner plate for a saucer reducing portion size

* increasing  our daily intake of water

* investing in a gym membership or home workout equipment

* swimming laps in the pool

* tossing the diet books and selecting beautiful cookbooks filled with recipes that bring back the joy of dining on delicious food

*  turning off social media, tv and cell phone and listening to the luxury that is silence

 * allowing for the occasional food indulgence 

Reciprocity will always be found within Stewardship.  If we take exquisite care of something whether it be our bodies, minds, homes, cars, money etc., it will in turn take care of us.  

We are given one life in one body to live for one moment in time.  

There is no dress rehearsal.  No do-over. No second chance.  

If we want our bodies to last a life time we must treat them accordingly with kind words, self-love, care, nurture, wisdom and of course stewardship. 

Sandra Hubbard

(photo courtesy of Pinterest)


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