Elegance is:

Elegance is unrelated to wealth or fame.  Many famous, wealthy women often lack elegance.

Elegance is timeless, graceful and tasteful and is independent of labels, trends or price.  

Elegance practices restraint in behavior and dress knowing modesty is incredibly alluring.  

Elegance is not limited to one particular style.  Bohemian, Sporty, Classic etc – all are capable of exhibiting elegance. 

Elegance appreciates fresh flowers, music, thoughtful gestures, beautiful foods, natural beauty, generosity, polite manners, clean surroundings, classic literature, the arts and culture. 

Elegance will always choose quality over quantity and simple over complicated. 

Elegance is authentic shunning the fake or phony.  

Elegance is quiet confidence and genuine kindness. 

Elegance is allowing others to be themselves without judgment or criticism. 

Elegance knows when to speak and when remain quiet.

Elegance is the ability to laugh at one’s self, control one’s emotions and use the criticisms of others to fuel her dreams.  

Elegance never goes out of style!

What does Elegance mean to you?  Your comments are welcome. 

Sandra Hubbard


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