How to Turn Goals into Reality

Recently, a friend shared with me a goal she set two years ago and within her experience we learn the FIVE STEPS NECESSARY TO ACHIEVE A GOAL.

Her desire was to purchase a home, however, your dream may be to lose weight, start a business, receive a promotion, write a book, travel abroad, etc.  

And, by daily implementing these five steps, you will be closer to seeing your dream fulfilled.  

1. Create a Clear Mental Picture and ACT AS IF the Goal Is a Reality.   

The day my friend decided to own a home, she started painting a precise picture in her mind of wall colors, layout and design.  

She began imagining barbecues and dinner parties, holidays and family gatherings before ever experiencing them.

If losing weight is your goal, imagine yourself ten pounds lighter feeling gorgeous, energetic and confident.   

If you dream of being an entrepreneur, imagine connecting with clients and the joy you receive in adding value to other’s lives with your business offerings.   

God blessed us with the amazing ability to create mental pictures of whatever we desire.  

2.  Take Inspired Action Daily  

Although my friend didn’t know “how” homeownership would become a reality, she began preparing for moving by purging, donating or selling anything not needed in her new home.  

She started looking at houses and began creating a financial plan to support her dream.  

Do you wish to travel the world?  

Obtain a passport, invest in quality luggage, subscribe to travel blogs, select a dream destination then begin studying the culture, language, places to dine, see, and stay.  

Perhaps open a travel account then brainstorm creative ways to fund it.  

Choosing to focus on what we can do is better than choosing to do nothing at all. 

Don’t wait until you have it all figured out as that day seldom comes. 

And, when the opportunity to fulfill your goal does come you will be prepared. 

As Zig Ziglar once said “If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time.” 

3.  When In Need – Ask

Matthew 7:7 reminds us to “Ask, and it will be given to you; seek and you will find . . .”   

So go ahead and ask for information, advice, ideas or help.  

Simply by asking, my friend found a wonderful realtor, beneficial programs available to new homebuyers, and a child-friendly, safe neighborhood she wouldn’t have known of had she not asked.  

Ask the friend how she lost the weight.  

Ask the new business owner how she moved from employee to entrepreneur.  

Ask the writer how she started her blog.  

Knowledge is power.  

Proverbs 18:15 tells us that “An intelligent heart acquires knowledge and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge.”  

4.  Always Remain “Teachable   

It is always smart to seek advice from those who have accomplished what we desire.

Every goal benefits from the wisdom of a trusted, honest friend who will communicate the potential issues associated with our dreams.  

We can either listen and plan accordingly or ignore and find ourselves unprepared when said issue arises.

Criticism and even unsolicited advice is difficult to hear but the wise woman will seek for any bit of potential truth and use that truth to change, mature and grow. 

Once again we see in Proverbs that “Without counsel plans fail but with many advisers they succeed.”  (15:22)

There is a price to be paid for pride and stubbornness that we alone will pay. I know from experience.   

By speaking to her homeowner friends who shared their experiences that accompany homeownership, my friend could begin to financially prepare for the broken appliance or leaky ceiling. 

5.  Pray and Seek God’s Will

As author Mark Batterson says “Work like it depends on you and Pray like it depends on God.”  

My friend did all within her power to make her dream come true.  

But, more importantly, she kept her dream before God seeking His will, guidance, assistance and favor.  

The ultimate benefit of achieving any goal is Who we become in the process as we mature personally and spiritually.  

With imagination, creativity, faith, prayer, and patience our dreams can become our reality. 

In September my friend (who also happens to be my stepdaughter) will see her goal finally become her reality! 

Sandra Hubbard



2 thoughts on “How to Turn Goals into Reality

  1. I feel as if you read my mind. Every blog pertains to what’s currently happening in my life. You are truly a God send!


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