Who I Am

Often I am asked how Elevate – Chic Inspired Living came to be.  

This is my story. 

About nine years ago my life consisted of excess weight, chaotic clutter and non-stop drama (all self created I might add).  

With low self worth, zero confidence, a poverty mindset, I lacked direction, was consumed with fear and never felt good enough. 

It was at a spiritual retreat I finally let go and let God.

That was the beginning of the life I now live.

After spending most of my life as a people pleaser getting to know me became a top priority and began with asking questions such as “Who do I want to be?” and “What do I want from my life?”

Defining my own definition of “success” and daily acknowledging my need for God’s presence and grace established a foundation on which He could build my amazing life.

Taking full responsibility of my life owning all my failures, poor choices and negative attitude, I set about to clear all mental and physical clutter to create space for what I truly craved – simplicity, elegance, joy and peace.

I invested time and resources into personal development programs and mentors and quickly learned I am always my best investment. 

The same goes for you. 

Yes I still fail, stumble and miss the mark but rather than criticize myself, I extend grace to her and over time I found a much needed friend within me.

Thankfully we are not our past, our weight or our age. 

We are not our mistakes or others opinions of us.  

Now I share my testimony here at The Chic Creative as well as in my private coaching practice, workshops, small groups and public speaking platforms to women seeking direction, guidance and inspiration. 

I am not even close to having life figured out therefore I stay close to the One who does.  

This girl is far from that shy, insecure woman who walked into that retreat nine years ago and is a living testimony to God’s amazing grace and unconditional love.

So, what does a successful woman look like to you?  

How does she think, feel, talk and dress?  

What brings her immense joy? 

What depletes her energy?  

What do her surroundings look like?

Who and what are her strongest influences? 

How does she spend her time and money?  What are her core values?  

How would others describe her when asked “what is she like”?    

And I ask, who do you need to become in order to be that woman you just described above? 

What inspired action do you need to take to become her? 

Who do you need to stop or start spending time with?  

What do you need to let go of that is holding you back?  Clutter, negative mindset, toxic relationships and emotional vampires, self imposed drama and stress, debt, your comfort zone, others’ opinions, etc?

What do you need to embrace?  Forgiveness of others or yourself, change now matter how difficult, self-love, more challenging goals, etc?   

What resources can you utilize to encourage and guide you on your journey?  Books, podcasts, small groups, mentors, seminars, videos, etc?  

Because, whether you are 15 or 50, divorced, widowed, single mom or simply single, starting a new career or new business, overweight or overwhelmed, living somewhere new or returning home – 

Whatever transition or place in life you find yourself in at this very moment – 

IT IS NEVER TOO LATE to imagine then become your beautifully unique definition of success!!  

Only you are responsible for becoming your definition of success.  Will you?

Sandra Hubbard


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  1. I truly feel like you wrote this ONLY for me! You’re amazing! Thank you for continuing to encourage and share.

  2. Machelle Bernheim Avatar
    Machelle Bernheim

    I’m crying… I love you!

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