In the Beginning

The beginning – a place where desire, discipline and creativity intersect to rewrite stories and birth welcome change.  

The beginning is a blank canvas, a new day, an unmarked page. 

The beginning is walking away from the past, embracing the present and excitedly moving towards the future. 

In order to become who we want and accomplish what we want we must start at the beginning.

Whether we want to lose weight, move forward in our careers, start a business, cultivate new friendships, author a book, volunteer, develop a financial freedom plan, grow personally and spiritually, declutter our surroundings, create beautiful art or music, finally walk away from our past, read God’s Word through, learn a new habit, skill or hobby, find our soulmate, our purpose or passion, whatever we want to create we must take the first step boldly with unflinching determination towards “the beginning”. 

Our amazing God created the universe and all it contains yet even He had to start somewhere and it was “In the beginning.”  (Gen 1:1) 

So do we.  

Simply start. 

What is one effective action you can take today that will move you closer to achieving your desire?  

One small forward step daily over a period of time will propel us in the direction of the life we crave.  

Will today be your “beginning”?

Sandra Hubbard




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