The Divine Decline – When God Says No

“No” is never easy to hear especially from God.  

We argue with Him that “yes” is in our best interest.  

We plead, cry, throw emotional hissy fits, have spiritual meltdowns, accuse Him of child neglect and ignore Him as punishment.  

Oh the pain a child can inflict on a loving parent.  

But any wise parent knows that “no” though difficult to say is an expression of unconditional love therefore they are willing to risk the relationship to protect their child.  

Parents understand their responsibility and obligation to protect the child at all costs.  

God too is a parent.  A Father to many daughters who has to sometimes say “No.”  

God has had to tell me No often but looking back I now thank Him for loving me enough to tell me “No.”

Matt 7:11 tells us in part “… how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask Him.” Matt 7:11.  

Yes, spoiling His daughters is a joy to our Lord. However, like any good parent He too must sometimes say no.   

Because He sees what we cannot.  

What we believe are good gifts are often dangerous “wolves disguised in sheep’s clothing.”  

So He must say “No”.  

“No, he is not the man for you.” 

“No she is not a person you need influencing your life right now.”

“No that is not the job you should take regardless of salary or benefits.” 

“No you shouldn’t say that even though you are hurt and feel justified in lashing out.”   

“No you don’t need to spread that rumor and fuel a fire that needs to die.”

“No you don’t need to comment on every controversial social media post.” 

“No you don’t need to spend that money just because you have it.”   

We have free will to either heed His “no” and await further instructions.  

Or we can ignore His “no” and deal with the consequences of charging forward.  Been there done that.  Not pretty. 

It has taken me years to understand that ‘No” is not punishment but protection. It isn’t to deny us but to develop us.  It isn’t to hurt us but to help. 

And though we may not realize it in the moment of our pain, loss or frustration, and may never know until we walk into eternity the reason for His “No” we trust Him.  

Who knew “no” really means “Oh how I love this daughter of mine”? 

Sandra Hubbard 

“The Lord is righteous in all His ways and loving towards all He has made.” Ps 145:17


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