As a Woman Thinks


Confidence and boldness, inner peace and joy, connection, personal and spiritual growth, high self-esteem, incredible health and wealth . . . 

I have yet to meet a woman who doesn’t desire one or even all of these. 

Most women are taught to (wrongly) believe that to “feel” a certain way she must first “do” something.

Often I hear: 

* “when I lose twenty pounds then I will feel healthy and confident” 

* “when I am in a relationship then I will feel beautiful and valued” 

* “when I get the promotion or start my own business then I will feel successful” or 

* “when someone tells me I am worthy and forgiven then I will feel unconditionally loved by God.”

We deny ourselves the feelings or desires we want unless and until certain expectations are met.  

This “When” and Then” approach to creating the Chic Inspired Life we long for never works.  

Prov 23:7 says in part “For as a man thinketh (believes) in his heart, so is he.”  

Notice the man (or woman) ‘thinks” first and “becomes” second.

Changing our beliefs changes our lives because our lives are simply the product of our thoughts.  

Mindset is EVERYTHING. 

When we focus our thoughts toward “who” we want to be (confident, successful, etc), our odds of becoming her increase dramatically.

When we consistently think “I am healthy, fit and confident”, scarfing down that third doughnut doesn’t sound appealing because doing so goes against our firm belief we are healthy, fit and confident. 

We always behave and make choices according to our thoughts and beliefs. 

When we consistently affirm our belief that we are beautiful and valued then anyone who treats us otherwise is quickly shown the door. 

When we think as a woman who knows without doubt she is a success, our choices and behavior will reflect those thoughts.  

We will not hesitate to ask for the raise or open our dream business because, well why should we hesitate when we are certain we are successful? 

Why continue to live with the guilt and shame of our past when we believe we are forever forgiven and worthy of God’s love?   

Anything else not in alignment with our thoughts we cast aside because WE ATTRACT WHAT WE THINK/BELIEVE.

Peek into any woman’s life – her relationships, job, health or finances – and it can be easily determined what she thinks and believes because she will always attract people, make choices and find herself in circumstances that align with those beliefs.  

I speak from experience! My hot mess of a life was simply a reflection of the hot mess going on in my head!

If we believe we are not enough (smart, educated, thin, pretty, qualified, etc) then of course that is how others perceive and treat us.

I shared this topic recently with a women’s group and now as then it simply cannot be emphasized enough:

Our lives will ALWAYS go in the direction of our thoughts and beliefs.  

It is an absolute law.


Many things are outside of our control.  Our thoughts are within our control.  

Today let us begin to consistently (with discipline) monitor our thoughts because they are absolutely directing the course of our lives.  

Sandra Hubbard. 


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