Looking Back and Letting Go

With Thanksgiving I am reminded of all I have to be grateful for and have experienced this past year.  

Yes, 2018 has been filled with tremendous personal growth and I have learned valuable life lessons through often painful experiences, one of which I want to share.  

One day not long ago in the mist of deep sadness I had an aha moment.

 It was simply this:  I am not getting any younger nor am I guaranteed tomorrow. 

Every minute of my life is precious and I realized I had lost valuable time pursing the unbalanced, life-draining and unhealthy.  

The tears flowed but I knew from past experiences that within the hurt was a critical lesson God longed to teach me if I would only listen.

After years of purposely turning a deaf ear, I was finally ready to hear and accept what He had to say. 

Yes, “the truth hurts” but as I soon learned it also heals.

A time comes in every woman’s life when she is forced to take a hard, realistic look at certain relationships and finally acknowledge them for what they really are, a source of great joy or deep sorrow. 

The ultimate lesson I learned is simply this:  To continue spending valuable time and effort chasing that which does not desire to be caught is both unhealthy and unwise.

Friendships where we put forth the majority effort, dismiss or tolerate poor treatment or permit ourselves to be used will ultimately drain us of the very joy we crave.  

It’s incredibly hard to admit when a friendship or relationship we had such high hopes for is grossly one-sided and has essentially failed because no woman likes to be rejected especially when she has invested a lot of time and effort.   

We  neglect those healthy, beautiful friendships that require us only to be ourselves in pursuit of those where the other’s actions clearly and repeatedly state we are not a priority, valued or appreciated.

By finally accepting the truth (as much as it hurt) I could begin allowing God to heal my deep emotional wounds and He has.  

Thankfully, I am extremely blessed with relationships that are life-giving and balanced and those are the ones where I now chose to invest my time and effort.

I have traded fear, hurt, drama and emotional chaos for peace, joy and freedom.

Friends, this Christmas let us give ourselves the gift of fully and finally letting go.

Sandra Hubbard. 



2 responses to “Looking Back and Letting Go”

  1. Seems like I’m reminded of this article more and more! Thank you for Sharing !

  2. Exactly what I needed to hear!

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