A Look Back and Leaning Forward

(Plus my Word of the Year for 2019)

On this the last day of 2018 we take a moment to look back, reflect and celebrate as well as lean forward into 2019 with excitement and gratitude.

2018, for me, was not without its surprises yet not without its blessings and was a year filled with lessons I needed to learn in order to move forward into life’s next chapter.

And the year came with experiences that challenged my faith and required a deeper trust in God.

Each year like many women I select one word to act as both a theme and compass to guide and define my upcoming year.  

After much contemplation and prayer, one word repeatedly kept coming to mind.  

And though I fought constantly to dismiss this “word”, deep within I knew it was the correct one but it is not a fun word. At. All.

Yet I also knew if I sincerely wanted to continue to grow into the woman I desire to be and have what I truly want this word was a requirement.

My Word for 2019 is DISCIPLINE. 

I told you it isn’t a fun word. 

With all certainty, I know God is calling me to greater and I deeply desire more, however to achieve such,  discipline is required. 

It isn’t enough to want something if we are not willing to commit to making the efforts necessary to achieve it.  

Thus the need for discipline.

Discipline is required in order to obtain the energy and physique I want by showing up at the gym even when I would rather be anywhere else.

Discipline is needed to decline second helpings and stuffing myself to misery choosing instead to stop eating when I am elegantly satisfied.

Discipline is a must if I want to continue to grow by investing my time and resources into personal development instead of wasting hours scrolling social media or binge watching television.

Discipline to simply be silent and listen instead of offering unsolicited opinions, unnecessary comments on controversial social media posts, unasked for advice realizing only Christ alone is capable and qualified to “fix” others, not me – but I can listen.  

Discipline to stop “reacting” to circumstances I cannot control, people’s choices I cannot influence and others negative moods or ongoing drama I cannot change instead choosing to “act” in ways that are emotionally positive and that enforce healthy boundaries while making a disciplined, conscious choice to  “stay in my own lane.” 

Discipline to trust that God is daily guiding me where I need to be instead of second guessing my judgment or ignoring my instincts. 

Discipline to leave my comfort zone, stop procrastinating, face my fears and no longer hide in the shadows watching others have fun. 

Discipline to commit to God’s calling for my life instead of making excuses or worrying what others will think or say.  

Discipline with my thoughts choosing a positive mindset that mentally empowers rather than drains me.

Discipline to speak encouraging, kind, inspiring words to myself and others.

And finally discipline to say “no” now to enjoy a “yes” later understanding that sacrifice brings reward – to show up everyday for what I say I want even when I don’t feel like it. 

So, friends, “Discipline” it is – my Word of the Year!

Now I am curious.

What is your Word of the Year that will guide you throughout your 2019?  

Please share in the comments below. 

See you next year!

Sandra Hubbard. 


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