Welcome February

Where I have been for the last month.

Happy Friday friends! I Am Back!

Some of you  may have noticed I was pretty much MIA in January. 

Taking a much needed social media break from Instagram and Facebook so I could reflect on 2019 and envision how I wanted 2019 to look, I am back refreshed and excited about the possibilities of this new year.  

Last year I wrote a post regarding my resistance to making resolutions opting instead to focus on adventures I wanted to experience, books I wanted to read, places I wanted to visit and areas of my life I wanted to “up my game” and grow in. 

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2018 found me wading through streams in the Smoky Mountains, wandering (or trespassing perhaps) through pastures in the Delta in search of abandoned churches and antebellum homes, exploring ghost towns around the South, learning basic French, taking in local musical events and Broadway style shows with great friends,  participating in an “Effective Communications” class to polish my public speaking skills, finally going to “Lou’s” in Fondren which did not disappoint and being introduced to “Amore Italian” in Birmingham which quickly became a fave and so much more!  

Now 2019 is here and I am excited about what this year holds. 

My list this year includes reading 52 books in 52 weeks, touring the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum, completing an online “Art through Time” art history course, clearing my schedule for more speaking opportunities, planning trips, seeking opportunities that take me outside of my comfort zone and much more.  

I also want to create blogposts that inspire you and create downloads and programs that encourage spiritual and personal growth along with ways for women to connect in person often as I am a firm believer God did not design us to do this life alone. We as women are stronger together!

As I shared in a recent post, my word this year is “Discipline” and the scripture I have selected to guide my year is found in Ps 19:14 which reads “May the words of my mouth and the meditations of my hearts (thoughts/beliefs) be pleasing in your sight, Lord my Rock and my Redeemer.” as I know my life will always be a reflection of my thoughts and words.  

If we want higher quality lives, we must thing higher quality thoughts and speak higher quality words. 

As we kick off February and this new year, how do you want your 2019 to look? 

Who do you want to become (confident, healthier, thinner, brave, kinder, less judgmental of yourself or others, fluent in a second language, etc). 

What would you like to accomplish? 

Complete a 5k or half marathon, start a side business or blog, clean and organize your entire house, read the Bible through, write a book etc?  

What are areas of your life that need to become a non-negotiable commitment and no longer an option when convenient?

Dedicating 30 minutes to exercise (home or gym), carving out daily quiet time with just you and your Father, scheduling quality time with girlfriends, daily pursuing personal growth through motivating books, podcasts, etc.?

Are there any areas of life or people you need to let go of this year that may be holding you back?

Is there a scripture or word that will inspire you as this year unfolds?

Who do you want to become and what do you want from 2019?

Sandra Hubbard


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