Choose For Yourselves

-Why Your Daily Choices Matter-

In the book of Joshua is a scripture that most know. 

Often displayed in homes it reads  “… choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve. . . as for me and my household we will serve the Lord.” (24:15)

Recently I had one of those not-so-great days. You know the kind.  

Nothing tragic happens, just moments that leave you feeling discouraged, defeated, angry, emotional or wounded.  

Vowing in 2019 to gain control of my thoughts, emotions and feelings instead of being controlled by them, I knew this particular day was about to test that promise.

Experience has taught me that the quickest route to unhappiness, failure, scarcity and even average health is allowing my thoughts and feelings to rule over me instead of being mastered by me.

Too often I would ignore facts and “react” with poor choices made in my current emotional state.  

Emotions, thoughts and feelings dictated my life. 

If someone was snippy, instead of considering they were having a “moment”, I took it personally automatically assuming I was to blame. 

If it was clear someone didn’t like me, I thought I was flawed forgetting that I am not everyone’s cup of tea nor they mine and that’s okay. 

If I didn’t feel like going to the gym or walking I didn’t go (making excuses- “too hot, cold, rainy, late, tired, no time etc then complain about lack of energy and extra weight in my midsection).  

If I didn’t feel like praying or studying God’s Word,  I didn’t.

If I didn’t feel “inspired” to write, I didn’t. 

If I felt like eating a third helping of dessert I did. 

If I felt like buying something (even with an identical piece hanging in my closet) I did.

If I felt like spending hours scrolling social media I did (all the while complaining of “never having enough time” to do all I professed to want to do like exercise, learn a skill, start a business, take an online class, attend a small group, grow spiritually and personally or get organized). 

And then there was always allowing other’s moods to affect my own.  

2 Peter 2:19 clearly states “for a man is a slave to whatever has mastered him.”    

Over time I had become a slave to my thoughts and feelings and I was depressed and exhausted. 

So recently when a day wasn’t going as planned, God spoke this Joshua verse to me and simply  told me to “choose this day whom you will serve.”  

Would I serve my current emotions and associated thoughts or would I serve Him standing firm in His truths and reminding myself of His promises?

Was I going to continue to allow others’ moods or behavior to dominate my emotions, steal my joy and ruin an otherwise perfectly beautiful day?  

Would I choose to listen to the negative, self-sabotaging, defeating thoughts or send them back to the hell they came from? 

I had a choice to make.

Paul tells us not to conform but be transformed by the renewing of our minds (thoughts/feelings/emotions). Rom. 12:2

We will always do one or the other whether we realize it or not. 

Our choice determines whether we are pitiful or powerful, victim or victor, slave or master.

Today which will you choose?  

Sandra Hubbard

Inspirational Writer/Motivational Speaker-Coach  


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  1. Another much needed and well-taken message. Thanks for encouraging us to look within to make things right.

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