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The Importance of Inquiring of God 

In my recent studies of David I noticed in 2 Samuel something I hadn’t before.  

Before David took action he first “inquired of the Lord” and each time “He answered.” 5:19/22. 

I don’t know about you but too often I tend to “act now – ask permission later” (or sometimes forgiveness).

I can’t help but wonder how much heartache and drama I could have avoided had I first inquired of God as David did.  

Instead I often run ahead of God and make decisions based on current emotions or half truths only to create a mess I then plead with Him to clean up.  

Once David didn’t inquire of the Lord. He pursued Bathsheba. The consequences were heartbreaking. 

While we can’t undo our past fortunately we don’t have to repeat it. 

Before going on the date, taking the job offer, looking to relocate, starting the business, purchasing the car, buying the shoes, joining the small group, when choosing friends, before accepting opportunities, when making decisions or setting goals, before speaking, giving up or walking away let us do as David did and simply ask God for direction, advice, counsel and instructions. 

It was not enough for David to hear God.  He also had to LISTEN then (and this is critical) OBEY God.

Oftentimes, the noise and distraction of life keeps us from hearing God. 

It is when we position ourselves to hear Him by simply turning off the radio or tv and silencing the phone with its endless texts and email alerts that we hear Him speak within us as the “gentle whisper” Elijah heard.  1 Ki 19:12.  

The New Living Translation tells us in Isa 30:21 “Your own ears will hear Him. Right behind you a voice will say ‘this is the way you should go’ whether to the right or to the left.”

Think of the abundant peace and joy would we experience and pain we would avoid if only we first just ASK, LISTEN and OBEY.

Today let’s begin to Ask First Act Second.  

Sandra Hubbard

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