From the Inside Out: Harnessing the Power of a Made-Up Mind

Why Mindset Matters

It is April. 

In January you set a resolution to lose weight. 

Scouring the internet for various diet plans you select one, create a Pinterest board filled with healthy recipes and fit bodies for inspiration, detox your pantry, swear off sugar, join the gym, invest in cute workout clothes and officially declare you are on a diet.  

After losing five pounds you gained ten more.  

Your co-worker did the exact same thing and lost twenty pounds and kept it off.

How did she do that? 

You appreciate your friends. Getting together is a joy. 

One friend in particular fascinates you.

She seems so “together” and is living a life you envy if you are being honest.  

She has fabulous friends, wears stylish clothes, jet sets to exotic locations, has a seemingly perfect relationship/marriage, lives in a beautiful home, drives a nice car, enjoys career success and can eat whatever she wants and never gain a pound. 

Her face is wrinkle free, her thighs are firm and her energy boundless.  

What is her secret? 

During your spring cleaning you stumbled across your journal from high school. 

You turn on some 60’s/70’s/80’s music and sit down to reminisce.  

Hours later tears begin to fall with as you read about goals long forgotten and while feeling deep gratitude for your current life you sense a strong desire to dream again.  And without realizing it, an awakening is occurring.

Perhaps you can relate to one or all of these scenarios.  

I know I can.  

It took me many years and lots of tears to realize the secret of success, however you define it, is found within you – your mindset.  

During the next few weeks we are going to dive into the Word and learn just how powerful our minds are and the role our thoughts play in our daily lives. 

Our thoughts determine our actions.  

The reason we aren’t getting what we want is because we have yet to think the thoughts required to get the results.  

Thoughts either work for us to bring success or against us to guarantee yet another failed attempt at our goals.   

Mindset is everything.

Are you ready to master a new way to think?  

Sandra Hubbard

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