From the Inside Out: What are You Thinking?

In January, 2011 I committed to valuing quality over quantity and set out on a massive life purge.

Out went ill-fitting, unflattering, uncomfortable or poorly made clothing and shoes purchased simply “because it was on sale.”  

Multiples of any items (did I really need five spatulas, three sets of mixing cups, fifty food storage containers?) got tossed along with linens that had seen better days, books read, dated magazines and expired pantry items. 

Knowing we become who we associate with, I evaluated my relationships and exchanged the drama, emotional drainers for healthy, life-giving friendships. 

Trading my two-a-day Mountain Dew habit for water and lacing up my shoes I hit the trails and found renewed energy.  

Though I was moving in the right direction the life I envisioned seemed just out of reach.

Why was that?  One morning I found the answer. 

In reading Proverbs I discovered a LIFE-CHANGING spiritual principle which is the foundation for this series – “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” (23:7) 

I had worked hard to change my external world never realizing having a gorgeous life was an internal job. 

My mind was constantly consumed with negative, critical, judgmental, toxic, complaining, fearful, anxious, self-sabotaging thoughts.

Our minds can turn a bad day into a great day or vice-versa.  

It can make us victims or victors, pitiful or powerful, determined or defeated.  

Our thoughts can keep us stuck in guilt, shame and resentment. 

The mind can keep us average, overweight, unhappy, unsatisfied and disenchanted with life.

That same mind can manufacture confidence, excellent health, beautiful friendships, exciting passion-filled marriages, successful careers or businesses, abundance, joy, contentment, and peace.

Mindset is not one thing  – it is EVERYTHING because:

Life is Simply a Reflection of the Mind. 

If you want a quality life you must think quality thoughts. 

Life will never change until our thinking changes and our minds are either best friend or worst enemy. 

Changing the mindset isn’t easy.  It requires awareness and discipline but it is possible.

To monitor every thought every second is mentally exhausting.  I tried that and failed.

But just by paying attention to my overall thought process when I found myself in various circumstances a noticeable pattern began to emerge. 

The majority of my thoughts were self-sabotaging, negative criticisms soaked in guilt and insecurity.  

No wonder I couldn’t lose the weight, enjoy healthy relationships, speak up, set necessary boundaries, venture out of my comfort zone, build a thriving business, love and appreciate myself or pursue my dreams with abandon!

My mind was telling me all the reasons why I couldn’t.

If we thought about what we thought about what patterns or dominant thoughts would become obvious?

Are you judgmental or critical of yourself or others?  

Do you set a goal yet all the while certain you will fail?

Are you convinced the weight will never come off, the right guy will never show up, you will never get out of debt, your job will never be a source of joy, you will never start your dream business, jet-set around the world or enjoy  a fulfilling marriage or meaningful friendships?  

Are you often thinking “I am always tired, never have any energy, nothing ever goes my way, nothing is ever going to change, why do I even bother?” 

Are you mentally complaining or criticizing your boss or co-workers, your employees, family, friends, traffic, the government, economy, checkout line, weather, the size of your bank account, house, closet, waistline or thighs?  

Change begins with acknowledgement followed by accountability.  

What if you began to think about what you think about – those dominant thoughts (that you usually give no thought to)  racing through your mind at any given moment?  

Are they life-givers or life-stealers?  Do they have you living life on a battlefield or playground? 

Are your thoughts energizing or depleting, inspiring or discouraging, complimentary or criticizing, filled with gratitude or envy, joy or resentment?  

Are they cheering you on or tearing you down?  

Do they invite or repel people, success, abundance, favor, opportunity and peace? 

I encourage you to take a moment and think about what you think about!  

How you think is a choice. Quality thoughts produce a quality life.

Because as you think so you are.

Sandra Hubbard 

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