Breakups Breakthroughs and Breakouts: Session II

Breakthroughs (Session II of III) 

Breakthroughs come after the breakups and before the breakouts. 

Breakthroughs are beautifully designed to usher us into a new chapter of life, to unleash and develop the potential buried in our emotional rubble and create dramatic and permanent change. 

They ask us to be vulnerable, authentic and honest with ourselves.

They require boldness and a willingness to move into the unknown and demand we check our ego at the door.  

How do you know when or even if you need a breakthrough? 

Ever feel like you have hit a wall, are in dire need of massive change or just simply want to quit?  

Ever feel exhausted with daily living, burned out or overwhelmed?

Ready to trade the average, mediocre and ordinary for the spectacular yet fear, guilt or shame holds you back?

Ever wonder why the results you seek never show up?   The life you want never happens? 

Perhaps you are due for a breakthrough.   

But are you ready for a breakthrough?

Break THROUGHS happen when we reach a breaking point where change is no longer an option but a necessity welcomed instead of feared.

Breakthroughs happen when we declare “enough is enough,” gladly swallow our pride, say goodbye to our stubbornness and fully surrender our mess to Him who is faithful becoming the servant ready to obey the Master’s orders no matter what.

Surrendering isn’t easy because it means giving up control which invites fear, panic and anxiety. 

The “what ifs” barge in – what if He asks me to do something I don’t want to do, stop doing something I want to keep doing, go somewhere I don’t want to go, develop new habits, change my thinking, my routine, my friends, my life?  

We will know when we reach our breaking point.

How we react to it determines whether we break through or break down.

When our frustration finally collides with our desperation and we completely let go and trust and obey Him regardless of how difficult it gets, how frustrated we become or how badly we want to quit especially when we see no evidence of change whatsoever – that is when our breakthrough comes.

Unfortunately many bail out just before their breakthrough. 

They snatch back what they handed over to God angrily storming off because they didn’t see immediate results or didn’t like His response or requirements.

So are we ready for a breakthrough?

Are we willing to listen to Him first then act second even when it’s hard or when others don’t understand?

Are we ready to break up with certain people and beliefs and leave current circumstances even though they’re comfortable choosing instead to step out in faith believing for the impossible? 

Are we willing to fully believe that when Christ stated “Everything is possible for the one who believes” He in fact meant everything including our breakthroughs? (Mark 9:23)

Are we willing to make changes and listen to wise advice instead of believing others should change or thinking we know everything?

Are we willing to “relocate” moving away from the present in preparation for the future?  

Are we willing like Abraham to trade the familiar for the unknown and “go to the land I will show you”? (Gen 12:1)  

It takes a trusting soul to set out on a journey without knowing the destination first.

Perhaps God knew the breakthrough that would bring the blessings couldn’t come while Abraham was living his current life surrounded by his current friends so He graciously relocated him. (Gen 12:2-3). 

When we reach a point that we are willing to do whatever God tells us is necessary to get the breakthrough – whether it is surrendering our life, making hard but required changes, cutting ties and “relocating” or overhauling our mindset – then be assured the breakthrough is close because the Word repeatedly proves that obedience always brings reward. 

And after the breakthrough comes the breakout!  

Emerging from the ashes we stand defying the odds, shocking those who said we “couldn’t” and “would never” proving that we can, we did and we will continue to do so. 

So are you ready for a breakthrough?  

Sandra Hubbard

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  1. Katie A Fortenberry Avatar
    Katie A Fortenberry

    This is so good Sandra! I really enjoyed reading this today.

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