Breakups Breakthroughs and Breakouts Session III


Hopefully by now those breakups that led you to your breakthroughs have prepared you for your break out. 

What does it mean to “break out?”

A woman who is breaking out is living every area of her life on a noticeably higher level than most around her.

It is reflected in her home, appearance, job, finances, health and relationships.

Because she has broken up with beliefs and people who were holding her back, she has set the stage for her breakthrough, which comes when we surrender and admit our need for God’s help.

Our breakthrough paves the way for our breakout. 

The woman who is breaking out is consciously and consistently raising her life standards which moves her daily existence from average to amazing.  

She becomes protective of her overall well-being and guards her life fiercely. 

She no longer simply lets life happen to her but she happens to her life.

She understands the quality of her life is directly connected to the quality of her thoughts and beliefs and influenced by the quality of her relationships and always chooses wisely.

Others notice a woman who is in the process of breaking out by the way she carries herself, the way she thinks, behaves, dresses and speaks.

Comments like “you seem different” or “you’ve changed” are common and true.

She is different and definitely changed and it’s beautiful to behold! 

How do you know when you are experiencing a breakout?  

When the life you once only imagined now slowly starts to become your reality. 

You sense a boldness and confidence you’ve never had. 

You are no longer controlled by your emotions, circumstances, fears or others’ opinions of you. 

You are so engrossed in cultivating your own life you have no time to compare your life to others. 

You understand the value of every day and are protective of your time; how you spend it and who you spend it with.   

Wasting hours on social media or with life-draining people is traded for setting audacious goals that require you to become someone you’ve never been.  

Beautifying and organizing your living space, polishing up your resume, eating a healthy, delicious meal, going for a late afternoon walk, creating a vision journal, reading books that inspire you – even something as simple as trying a new hairstyle – anything that breaks you out of ruts, routines, comfort zones, agendas, expectations and destructive habits and transports you to a higher level of living that requires a higher level of being – THAT is breaking out!

The laundry can wait. The reality shows can wait.  Social media can wait. 

Your life cannot.  

Imagine reinventing yourself and your life.

What does that life look like for you? What does that life ask of you? Who does that life ask you to become?

God’s Word reminds us that from our ashes come our beauty. (Isa 61:3).   Never believe otherwise. 

While sitting in the ashes of a life I had made a mess of I didn’t see any beauty.

But God did and He does with you as well.  

Breakouts happen by choice and sadly so few ever make the choice to break out.

Breakouts ask you to commit time, practice the art of discipline, walk in crazy faith and forgive yourself along the way.

Breakouts are where bondage ends – bondage to the labels, fears, guilt, shame, others’ expectations and the past.

Breakouts are where real freedom begins.

Freedom to live a life that excites you instead of depleting you of energy, joy and peace of mind.

Breakouts take us from existing to truly living. From surviving to thriving.

Because life begins when we begin breaking out!

Sandra Hubbard

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  1. EXACTLY what I needed this very moment!

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