A Woman’s Place

What are your talents?  

Every woman has talents.  I have yet to meet a talentless woman though many proclaim they have none.  

What do others compliment you on? Your voice? Your sense of style? Your organizational or domestic skills? Your artistic talent? Your business experience?

Your ability to connect and communicate well with others?

Are you a people person or prefer working solo or behind the scenes? 

Have a green thumb, an entrepreneurial mind, a knack for accounting, a creative eye for fashion and beauty, know how to play an instrument or enjoy cooking, crafting or decorating?

Do you adore babies, love children and young people or have a soft spot for the elderly or homebound?

Are you comfortable leading, teaching or speaking in front of others?   

And why does any of this even matter? 

The answer is found in a destroyed city.   

Jerusalem was a mess, her once protective walls reduced to rubble.  

Nehemiah was heartbroken but determined to repair the walls and he succeeded. 

Deciding to dedicate the completed walls to God, he called two choirs to lead the people in worship and “they took their places in the house of God.” (Neh 12:40)

What does that story have to do with your talents?  Everything actually.

Because just as the singers in Nehemiah’s day had their place in God’s house, we have ours.

My friend’s gift for floral design results in stunning displays of beauty on her church’s altar.  

Another friend’s genuine compassion for others created an opportunity for her to minister to those unable to attend church with a home-cooked meal and a moment of human connection.

One woman’s knowledge of finance has helped many women in her church get out of debt while another entrepreneurial minded lady has assisted others in starting their own businesses.  

A stylish friend helps physically battered women reentering the workforce learn how to dress for success and rebuild their lives with confidence in their appearance.

Another woman uses her writing and speaking skills to inspire other women.

Whether singing in the choir or nursing homes, teaching art to children, starting a book club, baking delicious meals, decorating the church for Christmas, forming a fitness class or walking club, visiting the sick or elderly, leading a small group, bible study or lunch club, greeting Sunday morning church arrivals or helping with a church project- there is a place and a need for your God-given talents in His house.

Taking your place in church requires you to show up with your time and commitment and may ask you to step out of your comfort zone with an attitude of servitude.

Taking our place in God’s house is honoring His place in our lives as serving His children becomes greater than serving ourselves.

There is an indescribable joy that comes when we invest our gifts back into the Gift Giver.  

So how can you begin to serve others with your gifts?

Maybe it’s simply letting a church staff member know you are available.

Maybe it’s forming and leading a small group of those interested in learning your skills and knowledge.

While I don’t know your exact gifts, I do know there’s a place in God’s house for them.  

Never dismiss or discount your abilities.

I assure you somebody in your church is praying for someone with your exact skillset to step forward and share your talents and strengths.

I have yet to meet a woman who regretted saying “Yes” to using her strengths and gifts to God’s glory and the benefit of others.

So I ask you today “will you take your place in the house of God?”

Sandra Hubbard

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