52 Weeks of Chic

Introducing 52 WEEKS OF CHIC!

What does it mean to live a Chic Life?  

The Chic Life embodies simplicity, substance and style.  

The Chic Life seeks daily spiritual growth, welcomes personal development opportunities and pursues experiences that energize the spirit and nourish the soul.  

The Chic Life is a life with paths leading away from comfort zones and into beautiful spaces that inspire and excite.  

Each Monday morning in 2020 a WEEK OF CHIC Experience will be shared on The Chic Creative website.

This weekly creative challenge is designed to guide you into a deeper faith, empower you with confidence and encourage growth, gratitude, elegance and joy.

To receive your Week of Chic Experience each Monday morning in 2020 simply subscribe to The Chic Creative blog.

Will you make 2020 your best year yet one week at a time?

2 responses to “52 Weeks of Chic”

  1. I’m SO excited! I can’t wait to read your inspirational message EVERY week!

  2. Machelle Bernheim Avatar
    Machelle Bernheim

    Can’t wait!

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