How to Say Thank You

With Thanksgiving approaching I was thinking this morning of all I had to be grateful for.

In prayer I asked God “How could I ever adequately express my gratitude for all He’s done for me?

His gentle response? “Let your life be your daily expression of thanks.” 

Let me explain.

How do we thank Him for our health?  By taking exquisite care of our bodies nurturing her with life giving foods, hydration, exercise and self care.  

By spending time in prayer and the Word we express our gratitude for our access to education resulting in the ability to read while living in a country that allows us to openly pray and worship without fear of persecution.

By forgiving others we thank Him for all the times He forgives us when we hurt Him, disobey, complain, mouth off, ignore Him, walk away or just outright miss the mark.

When we take excellent care of our homes, cars, clothing and possessions we are showing gratitude for everything He’s entrusted to us wisely remembering we are not owners but merely stewards.

Showing up for those we love during difficult times is our “thank you” for every time He shows up on our behalf never leaving us to struggle alone.

Waking each morning committed to giving our best because we are so appreciative of another opportunity to live, experience, breathe and love.

Extending mercy and grace to others even if we don’t deem them worthy because we are grateful for the new mercies He gives us each morning in our unworthiness. (Lam 3:22-23)

While we designate a special day to celebrate Thanksgiving every day is a day to express gratitude.

Let’s live everyday as an expression of thanks to the One who is worthy, generous, long-suffering, merciful, slow to anger and compassionate. (Ps 145:8)

Sandra Hubbard

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