Week 1 – 52 Weeks of Chic

Welcome to 2020 and Week 1 of 52 Weeks of Chic!!   

For the next 52 weeks we are going to grow, connect and transform our lives together one week at a time!

2020 is not only a new year but also kicks off a new decade and the excitement is definitely in the air!

Before we set resolutions, establish goals or create vision boards, let’s begin 2020 by making one simple yet powerful choice.

Today we choose one word that will act as our guiding compass throughout the year. 

Selecting a “word of the year” is not a new approach yet it has proven to be incredibly effective.  

Multiple resolutions can be overwhelming but having one word that dictates our thoughts, words, actions and choices is a simple yet powerful way to become who we want to be and achieve what we desire.

Last year my word was “discipline.”  

I didn’t really choose that word as much as it chose me.  

I always associated discipline with deprivation but by December I realized I was wrong.  

Discipline was absolutely the critical component I needed to living the life I desperately wanted.  

Each January would find me pursuing my goals with enthusiasm and energy only to lose interest once temptation, boredom or hardships surfaced. 

Lack of discipline was keeping me in mediocrity and I have yet to meet a woman who wanted to live the mediocre life.  

Discipline was required to reach my health goals, workout when I didn’t feel like it, write when I wasn’t feeling inspired, save when I wanted to spend and so forth. 

Learning the art of discipline radically changed my business, my finances, relationships, health and overall growth.  

It was the word I kept coming back to when I wanted to quit, walk away, give up, make excuses, justify bad choices, eat the second helping, spend what I intended to save, show up when I didn’t feel like it and shut up even though I wanted to respond when upset. 

My word was my phone and computer screensavers and was written in large letters in my journal as a constant reminder and aide in helping me develop the disciplined life. 

If your one word doesn’t suddenly spring to mind that’s ok.  Think on it.  Pray and ponder on it.  Journal about it.  

Then once you have selected your word, ask yourself “How does that woman think, speak and act?”  

How does she dress, eat, and live?  What does a typical day in her life look like?  How does she spend her free time?  

Who does she need in her life and who needs to go?  

What books are on her nightstand?  How does she start her day?  What do her surroundings look like?  

What are her core values?  What is her daily mindset?   

Create a clear picture of that woman who embodies your chosen word and begin each day acting as if you are that woman.  If you journal, write that picture down!

Then each and every day of 2020 align your thoughts, words, actions and choices with this word.

When faced with doubt, fear, insecurity or indecision ask yourself “how would the woman who embodies this word respond?”  

Resolutions are wonderful motivators but adopting one word is simpler and equally if not more effective.  

My 2020 word is “obedience” because I often struggle obeying God when commanded to do hard things He asks of me.   

Again I didn’t choose that word but it chose me.

In times past I have made excuses, procrastinated, whined and complained when God asks me to forgive, get out of my comfort zone, create healthy habits, let go of relationships, speak out and stand up.  

Deep down I know that disobeying God hinders my spiritual growth, keeps me stuck and stagnant, never facing my fears with excuses and reasons why I can’t obey Him. 

In 2020 I want to be a woman of obedience who when called by God simply responds with  “Here am I. Send me!” (Isa 6:8)   No questions asked, no excuses.  Just “Yes.” 

What will your word be?  

Sandra Hubbard – Christian Inspirational Speaker/Writer/Life Coach

Word of the Week: But as for you, be strong and do not give up, for your work will be rewarded. 2 Chronicles 15:7

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