Week 4 – We Upgrade

Who doesn’t love an upgrade?  

Whether it is going from coach to first class or a plain hotel room to the presidential suite, upgrades move us from the mediocre to the magnificent and the boring to the beautiful.

2020 is the year of the upgrade.

This week we begin replacing the average with the absolute highest quality and excellence.   

Beginning with our internal world or mindset, today we consciously begin tossing the “crap-thoughts” that leave us feeling defeated replacing them with life-giving beliefs that result in success because a negative mind will never produce a positive life. 

Life is simply a reflection of the mind.

Those “I’m a failure,” “I can’t do this” “I am so stupid, fat, ugly, unlovable, etc” thoughts only produce failure, zero confidence and no self-worth just like we believed. 

Emotions like thoughts are a choice meaning we get to choose our emotions – angry, bitter or resentful or happy, forgiving, positive and loving.  Our choice. 

We are also going to be renovating our external world.

Let me be clear – without an internal upgrade an external upgrade won’t make much difference.  An exquisite life begins with an exquisite mind. 

From health and relationships, thoughts and beliefs, personal and spiritual growth as well as our surroundings and possessions we begin tossing the cheap, broken dated, expired, unused and unhealthy to create space for only the finest.

However, if you upgrade nothing else this year, commit to upgrading your mind and health because both functioning at maximum levels result in incredible energy, happiness and productivity. 

Personal and spiritual growth results in an upgraded mind and begins with investing our precious time.  

Hours spent scrolling social media or watching junk tv are replaced with reading or listening to informative, quality, inspirational material that fires up our faith and and determination. 

Any area you seek growth in (health, finances, spirituality etc) there are books, blogs, videos and sermons available if you are willing to commit your time.  

You will always be your best investment so this week focus on ways you can invest in you.  

Quality health requires quality foods, portion control, ample hydration, exercise you enjoy (walking, gym etc) and understanding the difference between genuine hunger and emotional eating.   

Processed foods (hello Doritos), dehydration, eating on the run or eating our emotions (using food to numb negative emotions instead of addressing issues) results in weight gain, mental fog, guilt, low self-esteem and lethargy.  

Schedule time to detox your fridge/pantry replacing processed foods with produce, schedule exercise, invest in a water bottle, resolve any issues that normally have you reaching for the cookies, set some lofty but attainable goals and crush them! 

Quality relationships leave us inspired and energized instead of emotionally drained and we become who we spend the most time with. 

This year seek out those living the life you want and watch your life transform. 

Let me say the “finest” of material possessions doesn’t mean expensive or require going into debt.  

For costly items you deeply desire save for it and reward yourself paying cash for your purchase.  However many high quality items come without the high price tag.   

Let’s replace our dated, cheaply made, “never wear it” clothing with quality pieces we feel gorgeous in that reflects our unique style.

In 2020 we are upgrading our surroundings.  

From cars to closets we allow only the necessary, the beautiful and the quality items to remain. 

Clean, organized spaces allow us to breathe, regroup and relax – the benefits of upgrading.  

If you lack in organizational or decluttering talents, simply contact me and I will connect you with women who thrive in those areas and would be happy to assist you as you upgrade and refine your environment. 

So, let’s begin today creating a first class mind and a first class life because we are first class!

Sandra Hubbard – Christian Speaker/Writer/Teacher/Life Coach 

3 responses to “Week 4 – We Upgrade”

  1. Wow! What a great article. Thank you for all your encouragement.

  2. Thank you my sweet friend!!

  3. Love a one time ! ❤️
    Wish I could wear the shoes in the picture ☺️
    God bless you as you continue to allow the Lord to use you to inspire others , to grow, motivate , encourage our relationship with the Lord and remind us that we are His!

    Love ,

    Karen J


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