Week 5 – Our Table of Excellence

This week we are creating the ultimate party list of those we want sitting at our  Table of Excellence, that intimate space consisting of those who influence us most. 

As much as we want to be friends with everyone, not everyone needs to be our friend and because we become who we spend the most time with, we must choose wisely.  

Today we take a hard look at our friendships and their impact on our well being, spiritually, emotionally and mentally.

I get that we all have bad days and being supportive of our friends during those times is an honor.

However, if the friendship drains us or has us developing less than desirable habits (gossiping, complaining, excessive drinking, drama, reckless spending, etc) then as difficult as it might be, for the sake of our future we vacate her seat at our Table otherwise we will become her without ever even realizing it.  

I have been there ya’ll.  I have had those friends and sad to admit I have been that friend and hold no grudge against those who quietly vacated my seat at their Table in times past.

We all have full schedules and the time we have to spend with friends is limited so let’s seek out women who embody traits we desire and inspire us to step up our game. 

This is your Table of Excellence and you get to choose who is invited to occupying that valuable seat.  

There are people who sat at your table in 2019 who do not need to be still sitting there in 2020. 

So who are you inviting to your Table of Excellence? 

Sandra Hubbard 

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