Week 6 – We Take Action

The Power of “Positive-Impact Action” 

In January we excitedly chose our Word of the Year and created a detailed, written picture of “that woman” in our journals brainstorming ways we could embody that word. 

Now what?  

This week we focus on taking “Positive-Impact Action” (PIA) to create the results we want.   

Positive-Impact Actions are doable actions that transform our ideas of how life could be into reality.  

Every woman I know wants something – to do something and/or become something. 

Be it losing weight, landing a promotion, meeting her soulmate, starting a side business, being debt free, learning a new skill, traveling or simply getting her home organized, we all have desires.   

She may want to become healthier, more elegant, disciplined, focused, optimistic, energetic, positive, stylish, fun, grateful or calm  – the possibilities are endless. 

But without effective actions she remains stuck, frustrated and discouraged.

Last year my word was “disciplined” because the lack of it showed in every area of my life. 

Consistency and structure were missing as I had no “stick-to-it-ness” whatsoever.    

After choosing “discipline” I created specific goals that could only be achieved with discipline then brainstormed Positive-Impact Actions each goal needed to be achieved. 

For example, I adore the world of personal development, growing and evolving as a woman, but felt “stagnant” (due to lack of discipline) so I decided to read 52 motivational books in 52 weeks that would inspire growth. I then brainstormed actions needed to accomplish this.  

1) Get a library card (one of my wisest investments) 2) Schedule time to read daily even if it meant not doing everything on my to-do list that day 3) Read areas I held a strong interest (leadership, women’s entrepreneurial studies, inspirational biographies) but remain open to other topics  4) Give myself permission to quit any book I found boring which happened often and  5) Celebrate when I reached this goal – and this is critical. 

I have never seen a team win who didn’t celebrate when they win so girl when you win Celebrate!

Without a goal that required commitment and consistency along with creating specific Positive-Impact Actions I would never learned the art of discipline.  

Lack of discipline was my story for years. Start then quit.  

WHO or WHATever your desire may be, set goals along with Positive-Impact Actions that will result in achievement.  

Whether your word is “confidence” “abundance” “adventurous” “simplicity” “fun” “healthy” “community” “optimistic” or “transformed” seek out opportunities to embody that word.  

By creating goals then taking Positive-Impact Action, it is only a matter of time until you are that woman!

Vision boards, affirmations and daily writing your goals are wonderful but until Positive-Impact Actions are taken, they will never be realized.  

Look at your Word of the Year and/or your goals then take actions that will have you celebrating at this year’s end! 

Sandra Hubbard 

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