PeaceMaker or PeaceBreaker

Which one are you?   It’s a hard question to answer if we’re being honest.

Why does it even matter?  Because it’s the difference in living a blessed life or one filled with scarcity and drama. 

It isn’t always easy to be the peacemaker.  One can only do so much. 

Paul knew this well when he wrote “If possible, so far as it depends on you, live peaceably with everyone.” Rom 12:18  

So while we can’t control our co-worker’s actions, the cashier’s attitude, rude waiters or others’ hurtful words we can control our reactions “so far as it depends” on us, it is our responsibility.  

As unfair as it feels, their bad behavior is not permission for us to behave badly as well.   

Hey, I get it.  In our hurt we want to lash out and speak our minds. 

But, have you ever noticed The Golden Rule of “Doing unto others as you would have them do unto you” comes with no guarantee? It never says “and they actually will.” Matt 7:12

Being helpful, giving, understanding or forgiving because that’s what we want from others doesn’t mean that’s what we are going to get.  That’s out of our control. 

“As you would have them do unto you” means you give what you want to receive with no guarantees of getting it back.  

So, what’s the difference between a peace maker and a peace breaker?

A peace maker recognizes gossip as assumed, potentially hurtful truths so she refuses to share it.   

A peace breaker freely passes on rumors regardless of its peace-disrupting potential or truthfulness.

“A gossip separates close friends.” Prov 16:28

“Keep your tongue from evil and your lips from telling lies.” Ps 34:1

The peace maker upholds her promise to keep a secret and remains quiet.  

The peace breaker promises not to tell yet shares the secret at the first opportunity. 

I meet many women who struggle to develop meaningful friendships because their trust has broken and trust is hard to regain once it’s been violated. 

A peace maker thinks before acting when blindsided with ugly words or behavior, remaining in control of her emotions instead of allowing temporary anger to permanently destroy a relationship or wreck her day.  

A peace breaker in a fit of momentary hurt loses her self-control and reacts giving no thought to the fall-out awaiting her once the moment has passed.  

Words spoken (or texted) cannot be retrieved. 

Better a patient (in control) person than a warrior, someone with self control than one who takes a city. Prov 16:32

Self-control is just that powerful! 

The peace pursuing woman gains access into God’s presence enjoying rich blessings and fellowship with Him. 

Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the children of God. Matt 5:9

Being a peace maker or peace breaker is a daily choice.

Creating a peaceful life means consciously choosing to pursue each moment from a place of peace.  

By refusing to spread the rumor or discuss the friend or co-worker when they aren’t around we promote peace.

By keeping the secret, not replying to every negative social media post or comment, staying silent when the cashier has attitude and not giving the stink-eye to the bad driver who cut us off we promote peace. 

Today let us pursue peace in a world so desperately in need of it.   

Because we are peace makers.

Sandra Hubbard

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  1. I grew up with a mother who was a peacemaker. I never could understand how she could hold her tongue In many difficult situations, but as he did it. She was widely known as a child of God and a lot of that was her always striving to keep peace in our lives.

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