Week 7 – We Connect

This week we focus on creating connections.

Often women tell me they are craving connection and often feel “connection starved” as social media has become their main source of community replacing face-to-face conversation.

Social media was never intended to be our primary source of communicating. 

Hours scrolling through the lives of others is a cheap imitation of connection leaving us feeling lonelier and more isolated than ever. 

I once believed my world would fall apart or I would miss out if I logged off, let the laundry wait or didn’t get everything done on my to-do list to scheduled time with friends.

I was wrong. 

My world didn’t fall apart and my home didn’t turn to chaos.  

In fact, I began to appreciate my world more.

Connection with friends empowered and energized me.  

Do you have a friend you haven’t talked with in a while? Schedule a lunch, coffee or after-work meet up.

Want to meet new friends? Join a small group, attend networking events or volunteer.

And if you meet someone you want to get to know better make it happen.

I met someone in January  and immediately knew she was someone I wanted to know. 

She was positive, ambitious, disciplined and energetic – all traits I admire – so I invited her for coffee. Three hours later I knew I had met a kindred spirit and came away motivated to step up my game, raise my standards and dream bigger.

It is easy to get consumed with “busyness” convinced we simply don’t have the time to invest in connecting with others but in reality we can’t afford not to.

This week commit to creating time with friends, either by scheduling a lunch, meeting after work or going for coffee and make Connection a priority.

Seek out opportunities to connect with old friends and new ones.

Cultivating connections not only betters us individually but also as a community but it only happens when we connect.

Sandra Hubbard: Christian Inspirational Speaker/Writer/Instructor

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