Everyday A Gift

Today is God’s gift to us.

This past weekend I had the joy of attending our grandson’s third birthday party in Kentucky. 

He is without a doubt pure, walking sunshine.   If happiness had a face it would be his!

On the way over we noticed traffic at a complete standstill on the other side of the interstate and eventually saw the remains of a horrific accident.   

According to local news reports, ongoing construction had halted traffic.  

A semitrailer was stopped as was the car behind it.  Sadly the driver of a truck following the car didn’t realize traffic was stopped and forcefully slammed the car into the backend of the tractor trailer tragically killing three.

The images haunted me all weekend and on the way home I learned more about those deceased.  A grandmother, grandfather and their two year old grandson walked into eternity that day.   

I have witnessed accidents before but this one shook me to my core as I suddenly understood the brevity of life.  

Each morning God places in our hand His gift of one more day.

The gift of today doesn’t come with a guarantee of tomorrow and I sadly wonder how many “todays” I have taken for granted as I squandered precious time on matters that in the grand scheme of life was meaningless – worrying, angry, ungrateful – moments I allowed to mar the gift.

Today I mourn for a family I never knew who taught me perhaps one of life’s most valuable lessons and that is that each day is a gift, unearned and unmerited.     

Please know I am not trying to depress anyone.  

But I am pleading with us all to fully grasp this beautiful experience called Today and never take it or others for granted.

This family had names – the Brashers from Sardis and their two year old grandson Benjamin.  In a split second their families were forever changed.  

A mom will never see her son graduate or become a husband or father.  A daughter lost her mom and her child in an instant. A grandfather will never take his grandson fishing or throw a baseball with him because those tomorrows will never become todays.  

Let us step back from the busyness of life for a moment and appreciate this moment called Today.   

Don’t delay your happiness or dreams waiting for “one day when” because now is the time and today is the day.

Yes today is the day to hug tighter, love harder, laugh more, forgive, apologize, say thank you, appreciate the little things, slow down and savor moments, call loved ones to say “hello” and maybe just log off for a while and live life in real time because once Today is gone, she never returns.  

How I regret the time I killed and the energy I wasted stressing, worrying, angry or turning mole hills into mountains that stole so many of my Todays.

This morning God has placed in our hands His most cherished and valuable creation and that is Time only asking that we treasure it for the priceless gift it is and steward it wisely.  

I also ask that you remember this precious family in your prayers in the days ahead as they grieve an unimaginable loss.  

Sandra Hubbard

Be Bold Be Kind Be You 

4 responses to “Everyday A Gift”

  1. I am so sorry to hear you lost a good friend! Never before have I grasped the gift of each day then I do right now because there just simply no guarantees of tomorrow. Sending prayers your way.

  2. Thank you so much! I can’t even imagine their pain.

  3. This was a very special post to me since we just learned of a dear friends sudden death. We need to remember this every day. Thanks for the reminder

  4. I am thanking you for this message and saying prayers for the family. 🙏🏻

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