Week 8 – We Listen

Have you ever noticed how loud life seems to be sometimes? 

Traffic, tv commercials and social media are constantly screaming for our attention. 

What if we turned down life and really began to listen?

In week 8 of 52 Weeks of Chic we practice the Art of Listening.  

Listening is a critical part of our overall wellbeing.  It asks us to turn down the noise, silence the distractions, be still and quiet with just ourselves. 

For years I found it impossible to be alone or still for any lengthy amount of time. 

When not surrounded by others I needed my phone and/or tv on “for the noise” or to be busy doing something or going somewhere because deep down I was afraid of what the silence might bring. 

I have met other women who also avoided silence or being alone.

Years pass without many of us ever really knowing what we want from life because finding out might include hearing painful truths or facing fears.

It’s easier to mindlessly do what everyone else is doing and hope for the best.

However when we take time to listen, our desires and goals will begin to surface.  We will never get what we want if we never take time to find out what we want. 

Listening to our bodies informs us of her health status, when she’s exhausted or sick, in need of self-care or medical attention. 

Listening improves conversation. So often we begin formulating our response while others are talking and fail to really understand them because we didn’t fully give their words our attention. 

Listening reveals the beauty of this playground we call earth.  

When walking in nature I would have music blaring in my ears until one day when I forgot my earbuds and was forced to listen to nature instead.  

I never knew there was a symphony playing – rustling leaves, running brooks and songbirds.

Listening reveals our beliefs allowing us to embrace encouraging, helpful thoughts while tossing those that keep us stuck, angry or defeated because we choose our thoughts, they don’t choose us.   

Listening encourages our spirits, protects our health, cultivates stronger relationships and teaches us truths.

Learning to listen is like any other art form requiring practice, patience and discipline and this week we focus on LISTENING. 

So I encourage you to turn off, log out, get still, be quiet and listen.  

Listen to your heart, to your dreams, to nature, to the silence and to the Lord.  

Listen to understand, for inspiration, instruction, encouragement and truths.  

Just listen.

Sandra Hubbard


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