Week 9 – We Invest in Ourselves

Week 9 – We Invest in Ourselves

When was the last time you invested in you?  Usually when asked this question, most of us either can’t remember or not sure we ever have.

We gladly invest in others but see little reason to invest in ourselves. 

For years I couldn’t justify investing in myself because deep down I didn’t believe I was worth it seeing it as a waste of my time and resources. 

But I heard a story that changed the way I looked at self-investment and my life. 

A woman found herself at rock bottom.

She was broke, unhappy, lonely and frustrated until one day in an aha moment she realized that nothing in her life was going to change until she changed.  And that day she decided to start investing in herself. 

Time and money once spent mindlessly or on the unnecessary she began intentionally spending on personal growth and self care which impacted every area of her life. 

She lost weight, met her soulmate, got free from debt, changed careers, travelled internationally, left her job to create her dream career, wrote a book, and so much more. 

My opinion of self-investment changed after hearing her story. 

So yes that gym membership, online courses, personal trainer, library card, running shoes, small group, blogs, books, podcasts and sermons, counselors, nutritionists, life-coaches, mentors or therapists are all investments that pay huge dividends. 

Many self-investments cost nothing and require only our time, discipline, determination and commitment.  

You’ll  immediately recognize a woman who invests in herself by her boundless energy, genuine laughter, her confidence, relationships, lifestyle, incredible adventures and experiences – all the results of self-investment. 

So this Week of Chic is all bout seeking opportunities to invest in ourselves.  

Because we can choose to make changes or make excuses.  

Maybe it is scheduling a walk, creating an at-home workout, joining a gym, reading empowering books, listening to inspirational talks, meeting up with a friend who motivates us or enrolling in an online course that fascinates us. (Open Culture or Coursera are wonderful sources with many of their courses available for free.)

It’s not  so much how you invest in yourself but simply that you do. 

Your self-investment might be a pampering massage or facial that allows you a moment of stillness and relaxation, a yoga class, a park bench and a cup of coffee or simply a long, luxurious bath.

So how do you plan to invest in You this week?

Sandra Hubbard 

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