Week 11 – We Define Success

Your friend has an enviable job with the corner office and incredible salary. She lives in a magazine worthy home with the picture-perfect family, dresses in couture and drives a new car.

Her life epitomizes success yet she’s never felt more unfulfilled and confides in you one day over lunch that she struggles with depression, loneliness and emptiness. 

You are stunned!  How could this be? Her life looks so perfect!  It’s because she’s living someone else’s definition of success.

It’s like wearing a trendy top that’s the latest style.  It’s uncomfortable and not even your style but you wear it anyway because it’s the latest trend.    

Maybe you’re the woman whose life says “success” but you don’t feel successful.

If so, then it’s time to rethink and redefine your definition of success.  

How do we do that?   

By tossing aside everything we’ve been taught by friends, family or society about “success” and ask  ourselves “What does success look like TO ME?”  

There’s no wrong answer.  

Success to one woman may mean spending her days in her small cottage home painting.  While she has to supplement her income with a second job she’s fine with that because for her success is getting to do what she loves everyday which is creating masterpieces.  

Another woman realizes success for her means being an entrepreneur, her lifelong dream.   

Her friends thought she was crazy for giving up a six-figure job and yes, she had to change her life-style and spending habits but she’s never been happier.   She loves the independence and challenges entrepreneurship has presented and believes she is living her definition of success.

Two women who defined success differently found success once they created their own definition of it. 

So, how do you define success?  What does it feel and look like to you?  What does a day in the life of the successful woman look like?  

How does she dress, what is she involved in, what are her interests, hobbies and skills?  What does she watch and read?  Who is in her inner circle?  

Again, this isn’t a test and there are no wrong answers – only your answer. 

Once you define this then you are free to begin living out your own version of success.

So how do YOU define success?   

Sandra Hubbard 

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