12 – We Create Space

Spring is officially here and this week we create space for this new season.

Space invites creativity allowing ideas to freely flow.  When there is room in our minds to think clearly then the answers we have long been searching for suddenly show up.

Creating space means creating calm. A sanctuary in the storm. 

Society encourages us to accumulate more stuff but deep down it isn’t more we want but less. It’s space we really crave.  Space to clear our heads and our hearts. Room to breathe and thrive.

While we can’t control what goes on in the world, we do have a say in our own environments, physically and mentally. 

To make room for what we really want we simply create room for it. 

With social media we can see what everyone else is doing, where they are vacationing and dining.

We see their purchases and know about their hobbies, accomplishments and promotions and it can evoke different emotions and reactions, some positive, some negative. 

In reality, social media is actually neutral and only takes on the influence or meaning we give it.  

Two women may see the same post of a friend who has lost weight and looks amazing. One woman will be encouraged to continue pursuing her fitness goals while the other will become consumed with envy thus stifling any progress towards hers.

The social media post was neutral but the choice each made after seeing it wasn’t.

One commits to scheduling time to detox her fridge and pantry or go for a daily walk. The other remains in her cluttered mind stuffed with jealousy and never loses a pound.  

Creating space isn’t confined to the external. 

Space is needed in our heads just as much as in our homes. This week we are making space for what we really want and tossing what we don’t. 

We are taking the toxic, the unused, broken and ill-fitting to the mental and physical landfills and donating our extras, spares and no-longer-needed to the local charity.

We are essentially creating opportunity for what we truly want. 

If we want to look stylish we create space in our closet for only items that make us look and feel stylish. 

If we crave delicious meals, we clear space on the kitchen counter to prepare them.  

If we want to rock a slim waistline, we clear room in the refrigerator and pantry for fresh fruits, veggies and nutritious snacks and find fifteen or twenty minutes on our calendars for a walk or workout.

If we want to be more productive then we create a beautiful, efficient workspace with organized folders and neatly arranged papers and never waste another minute looking for documents. 

If we need more iPhone storage we clean up our digital world, deleting unused apps, old emails and texts, duplicate pictures and spam. 

If it’s focus, energy, personal or spiritual growth, new ideas or goals we want, we stop playing the past on mental repeat, holding onto grudges or drowning in guilt and shame.

If we want to enjoy others, we trade the relationships that are burdensome or draining for healthy, life-giving ones.

The times we are in have forced us into a social sabbatical to reflect on what truly matters so today let’s begin creating space for all we value and hold dear. 

We create space. 

Sandra Hubbard 

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