I Am Not Listening

Within a New Testament story is a simple yet powerful principle of living the bold life.  

Christ is headed to Jairus’ house to heal his daughter who was sick but gets sidetracked on the way to help a woman desperate for her own miracle.

While ministering to her, Jairus’ daughter dies and some people from his house came and said “Your daughter is dead,” “Why bother the teacher anymore?”  “Ignoring what they said, Jesus told him, “Don’t be afraid; just believe.” Mark 5:35-36

Did you catch it?  Jesus ignored them telling Jairus to just believe.  

Christ didn’t reprimand them.  He simply ignored them refusing to allow their unbelief to deter His plan.  

When others tell you to give up, quit or walk away from whatever miracle you are believing God for, ignore them. 

When people say things will never change, to stop trying, hoping, pursuing or believing, ignore them. 

When they tell you that you can’t, never have and never will do what you desire, ignore them. When they label you, gossip, criticize or judge you, ignore them. 

When the enemy tries to convince you that God has forgotten you, is mad at you or won’t forgive you, ignore him. 

When he tells you this season our nation is in will never improve, when there isn’t enough to go around, when we should be fearful or panic, ignore him.

Christ shows us by example how to deal with opposition, negativity and haters. Ignore them.  

Don’t let their words stir up your fear and rob you of your miracle, joy and peace. 

Had Jairus believed them instead of Christ, his daughter would have been buried instead of restored to life.  

You get to decide so decide to just ignore them!

Sandra Hubbard 

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