14 – We Extend Grace

Most of us have been working and staying at home for the last few weeks, most likely spending more than the usual amount of time with the entire family in one space.  I hope for the most part it’s been a pleasant and productive experience. 

However as the days pass with no idea how long we will be sheltering at home eventually nerves may begin to get rattled, patience wears thin and feelings get hurt. 

If we aren’t mindful it’s easy to respond to temporary situations with angry words we later regret saying. 

If ever we needed to learn the art of extending grace no doubt it’s now. 

I get it. While we all want to do our part in helping control the virus situation, there’s an underlying current of uncertainty and panic that permeates the atmosphere. 

Reconnecting with each other, reviving family dinners around the table, completing long over due home projects and tapping into our creativity finding ways to entertain, laugh, learn and have fun has been a welcome blessing. 

At the same time with the constant activity, quiet moments have become scarce and everyone has an opinion on what to watch, eat or do.  In the process we might find ourselves speaking or acting in ways we wouldn’t under normal circumstances. 

We’re all human and while we are enjoying this time with our family and freedom to clean and upgrade our homes, it’s only natural to experience moments of frustration.  

So when the spouse gets snappy, the child gets sassy and even the dog cops an attitude here is what I want us to remember.

Let’s extend grace – the same grace God gives us when we get snappy, sassy and have attitude with Him.   

So, when things don’t go as planned, people are getting on your last nerve and expectations go unmet, instead of reacting simply take a deep breath and extend grace.  

Right now we are all out of our routines with schedules that have changed dramatically.

It’s easy to feel out of sync and out of sorts. This disruption to our normal structure can feel chaotic while we are attempting to create a new normal. 

If your house is beginning to look and feel like a circus overrun with chaos or drama and you are certain you are going to explode just remember this is not a forever season even though it might seem like it. 

In your moments of frustration, extend grace, kindness and forgiveness even when the apology never comes. 

To extend grace is to give to others what God gives us each day. 

There is a good chance in the coming weeks you will be offered many opportunities to extend grace so this week we commit to operating from a place of grace in order to maintain peace, calm and our sanity.

Sandra Hubbard 

2 responses to “14 – We Extend Grace”

  1. Thank you Karen. There is never a time when we don’t need grace or to extend it. We are doing well and I hope ya’ll are too!

  2. ❤️ thank you and such a wonderful reminder ! I hope you and your family are well 😊

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