17 – We Renovate

Recently I decided to give The Chic Creative’s Instagram page a much needed and long overdue renovation.  


Well, not being an expert in social media growth tactics especially Instagram but with a deep desire to positively impact women I caved to the social media “rules.” 

Those “rules” said I had to be an “influencer” even though I had no idea what that even really means and still don’t. 

However in the process of trying to become who I thought I was supposed to be I completely lost my authenticity.

The “rules” imply an Instagram page should be cohesive and aesthetically pleasing which in no way reflects my beautifully messy life.  

I tried to follow the rules but felt like a fraud and a liar.

I hated looking at my Instagram page and one day in frustration finally said “Enough of the rules! I am renovating this until it looks like me.”   It is still a work in progress.

And it was here I had an Aha moment!

When we aren’t happy with an area of our lives or it no longer feels genuine or joyful we can simply renovate it!  

Whether it’s our relationships, home, body, friendships or job we can edit, add, delete and rearrange until we step back satisfied with the results.

Since we’ve been quarantined many of us are decluttering, organizing and cleaning our homes until we like the overall look and feel of each room.

This same process applies to every other area of our lives.

We have to be honest and sometimes ruthless in our assessment of What and Who needs to stay or go. 

Have you ever entered a room looked around then shut the door because you hated the decor or the clutter?

Or glanced into the mirror dissatisfied with your body before heading to the fridge for comfort food? 

Or stayed in a friendship even though it had take a turn towards the toxic?  

I have. Many times!  

With some simple renovating that messy room can become an elegant inviting space, the body can go from lethargic to energetic and the negative friendships can be replaced with positive ones.

All of this is leads to a rich life that feels real and enjoyable instead of draining. 

So are there are areas in your life in need of renovation?  

We have been given a divine gift during this social pause. 

A chance to accomplish tasks we always planned but somehow never got around to doing.

To start renovating, redefine “normal”, delete what we don’t need, add what we do, rearrange and redecorate until we look around and smile because we love the life we see!

This week we decide then begin renovating!

Sandra Hubbard

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