19 – We Strengthen Each Other

Welcome to Week 19 of 52 Weeks of Chic!

Though it’s clear we are living in unique times, hopefully during this season we’ve been able to rest, finally complete home projects and create new ways to have fun.  

But sadly we’ve been unable to visit loved ones or greet each other with a hug.  Right now we are all craving connection and some may be struggling with loneliness.  

We’ve also been thrown into roles we weren’t prepared or trained for.

Parents are now teachers and principals along with referee, activities coordinator and executive chef.

The dining table is now a makeshift office and we’ve learned the necessity of grace and patience.

Social distancing often feels like social divorce as we lose our sense of community and if ever we needed each other it’s now. 

So although we can’t meet for lunch or a girls night out, this week we commit to being there for each other, using the only means we have which is technology.

FaceTime and Zoom now let us visit face to face and emails and texts let us stay in contact. While it may not be ideal it’s making the best with what we have. 

So if you have a family member or friend you believe could be struggling with overwhelm or loneliness please consider taking a moment to send a quick “I’m thinking of you today” text or email.

Maybe invite them to join us for coffee over FaceTime.

Often that’s just the encouragement your friend needs to maintain hope and her sanity. 

Yes life is different but we adapt to the times and continue to support and strengthen each other digitally until we’re allowed to be together again.

I know it’s easy to get so engrossed in our own daily living and forget others are going through it too. 

So this week please send a friendly, encouraging text as it can be the difference in someone’s day, a reminder that they matter and are valued. 

We were never created to do life alone so this week let’s commit to making the effort to strengthen each other. 

Sandra Hubbard

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