An Overdue Apology

We are due an apology . . . to ourselves. 

When we hurt others we quickly apologize and when others hurt us hopefully we’re quick to forgive.

But there’s one apology that’s long overdue or never comes and it’s the apology to ourselves. 

I lived in a cage of anger for years, mostly with myself.  I struggled to forgive others and absolutely refused to forgive myself.

It crippled me emotionally and stifled any personal or spiritual growth.

It didn’t matter how many self-help books I read or sermons or podcasts I listened to, I remained buried in self-loathing constantly reliving past regrets and resentment.  

I was surviving but definitely not thriving, the prodigal daughter who had yet to return home. 

But the day I walked back into my Father’s presence I realized God, my family and friends weren’t the only ones due an apology. 

I owed myself an apology and that day I received one.

I apologized to me for living my life to please others even at the cost of my own dreams and desires. 

I apologized for settling, for wrongly believing I wasn’t worthy of life’s best and for accepting and believing the labels others pinned on me then ultimately proving them right. 

I apologized for berating my body and mind punishing, speaking and treating her harshly when all she ever wanted was to be loved, appreciated and valued.

I said “I’m sorry” for trusting other’s opinions over my own instincts, for dismissing my ideas, for shrinking to make others feel better about themselves and for putting my happiness into the hands of others instead of creating it for myself.

I apologized for allowing fear and insecurity to paralyze me, for letting stubborn pride alienate me from listening to advice or ask for help when I needed it and abusing God’s mercy and grace time and time again.

It was a long apology followed by a liberating forgiveness, a heavy weight lifting finally.

I don’t know if you owe yourself an apology.  

But if so, will you simply say “I’m sorry” today opening the door for healing and restoration?

Sandra Hubbard:  Speaker/ Writer/Transformational Coach 

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2 responses to “An Overdue Apology”

  1. Thank you Mrs. Alice. It seems most women will forgive others quickly yet we are so hard on ourselves but as you pointed out we are to love others as we love ourselves. I am much harder on myself and speak to myself in ways I wouldn’t dream of speaking to another human being. I appreciate your. kind words tremendously!

  2. Alice Higginbotham Avatar
    Alice Higginbotham

    Thank you Sandra. What a sweet blessing these words are to me. I am so hard on myself. Not giving myself any slack. Holy Spirit convicted me as i read this. The Bible says to love others as you love yourself. We must love ourselves first.

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